Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back to school party!!

I have been itching to have some sorta party. Birthdays in my house are in May or March so there is 10 months in between major parties! But this mama needs to throw a party at least every month. So here we are going back to school...why not have a party:) The current count is 19 adults and 29 children ranging in ages of 4 months-17 years. Should be a blast!!!

Back to school to us has consisted of 6 of our 8 children away for some part of the week.

 Lisa (16) is attending a high school across town.
Ali (14) is on the west end
 Kayci (8) is at Lander Elementary

Fran (4) is at a small Preschool

Lexis (4) is attending Shiloh Christian Academy
 Silas (3) is also at Shiloh Christian Academy

and Trey and Brooklynn (both 2) are home with me!!
We are still in our first REAL week of school schedules and i'll be honest, its not going well. The girls have missed their bus every morning, we've have rock throwing, peeing in their pants, DEAF preschoolers, and its been the WORST week for potty training the littles. I will press on and keep telling myself, tomorrow is a new day. Right?....yeah right!!! There is also a little devil in the back of my mind telling me..."once you get them all on the school schedule, daylight saving will hit and it mess them alllll up again" But, not thinking of that right now!! Bloggin is suppose to be fun!!

So my latest DIY project was a blast...I painted my entire kitchen wall with chalkboard paint. I needed it terribly for scheduling and chores. Kids have loved it and even though I probably wouldn't win, i'm pretty sure this wall gave me a nomination for "WORLDS BEST MOM"  Definitely a vain thought, but well worth it. Anyways, across the top I wrote one of my favorite quotes: Live. Laugh. Love.  As I sat in my kitchen this afternoon ( i won't admit if i was or was not taking a time out for myself) I  began to ponder what that saying really meant to me. 

LIVE:  I really want to prove myself to being a mom who lets loose. I don't want to be so uptight with rules and regulations. In the past, i've let my kids jump in mud puddles, change 52 times a day and eat a popsicle all by themselves, even if that meant shampooing their hair more than once. But lately with the change in ages and times around the house, I find myself NOT living. I totally realized today that i need to back off the need to perfection around the house and read that book that Lexi has been begging for. I need to have a tea party with Brookie and vroom cars down the banister with Si. That is truly what i consider LIVING my life. Today, possibly taking a time out, got me thinking about this...and i promise myself tomorrow, I'm gonna live a little. 

LAUGH: When in my life did I change?? When did a burp no longer be hilarious? Or a sneeze with snot fangs make you snap into action like a tiger was just unleashed? Or a "shake your booty, shake your booty" in public become embarrassing? Mom or not, those things plus a long list of others are still freaking funny. Relax and laugh! A child's giggle is so much more comforting then sadness when they see "the mom look". I am again giving myself a just simply laugh with and for them. Laugh when they try to drink their milk out of the cereal bowl and end up spilling it all down the front of their fresh school clothes. Laugh when they fall off the couch, make a loud bang and wake up all nappers.  Laugh when they want to go outside to water their flowers but end up watering themselves. LAUGH with them and again LIVE a little:)

LOVE: Such a POWERFUL little word. Just a simple three word sentence. I love you. There was a time in my life where i would tell my husband I love you, and he would reply dido. I went along with that for a couple months and then decided to tell him that it didn't hurt my feelings as much as i just wanted to hear him say those words back to me. Children are not so verbally honest but their actions show what they need to hear. Whether its "fix that attitude" or "ummm do you need to go pee?" or "you've had enough sugar for today" You can tell by a child's body language what they need to hear. I have one little boy who is a people pleaser and very shy and quite around certain situations. He was always my kiddo to fall right under the radar. He wasn't bad enough to be in trouble all day, and he wasn't loud enough to be in my face all day. Rather he would stand behind the crowd and just smile at me. I could tell by the cute little smile on his face, he just needed to be told "I love you" Talk about spark!!! Each one of my children..foster, adopted or bio need to be told "I love you!" on a regular bases, as do our spouses;) 

So my saying that I see everyday has new meaning to me after my...well ok, Yes i was in my own time out...I will let go and LIVE, I will relax a little and LAUGH and no matter who, when and where...I will tell my children I LOVE them!!

Well, its time to put all these munchkins to bed. My mother will be so ecstatic to see I have FINALLY posted on my blog. You're welcome mom!:) 


  1. Wow, Shawna that is so profound. Thank you for sharing. You are such an incredible person. I want to be like you when I grow up. :)

  2. Wonderful!Brought tears to my eyes!