Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cra-Cra CRAZY day of birthdays~

Its a re-warm your coffee 6 times sorta day.  I'll admit I felt kinda lost the last three days as I didn't blog. I really couldn't find the time at all to do any writing. I caught the "back to school" head cold which has KICKED MY BUTT!!! I get a good hour of cleaning done and then I'm wiped for the rest of the day! Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it:)

I really wanted to post yesterday as I have four very special women in my life with birthdays!! I was able to reconnect with my Biological mother last night for her birthday! If you are new to my blog, a little back story... My Birth mother was so gracious and selfless almost 27 years ago when she allowed me to be adopted. She was a single woman and knew she wanted me to have a strong two parent, christian upbringing. I really didn't understand the struggle that had to be until I gave birth to Lexi. What an amazing unselfish act to put your child first in choosing the best thing for his or her life. So happy birthday to my Mama Angie!!

Another fantastic woman in my life has been my "aunt" cindy! Being best friends with my mom since before time began,  Aunt Cindy has always been in my life. She raised wonderful children who have become some of my best friends today:) Hope you had a great day:)

Sadly I don't see my mom's sister much, But Happy birthday to my Aunt Shelly!!!! Someday it would be so amazing to have a huge family reunion. My aunt shelly is such a sweet, compassionate woman of God. She takes on great responsibility in the church and in our family, now taking care of my grandma. I hope you were spoiled and had a great birthday!!

And a Happy Birthday to Grandma Mel:) She started out as Silas and Brooklynn's Grandman and has turned into such an amazing friend. We are so blessed to have Melodie in our lives as a grandma and friend. The people that God has brought into our lives because of foster care will have a place in my heart forever. Hope you partied hard grandma!!!;)


Snap back to reality!! There isn't a night this week that activities don't end before 8.  Dentist, Doctors, home visits, mommy visits, preschool, school, band, work, Gymnastics, Soccer ETC...If I can make it through this week, I believe I can take anything.  

 After a full day of running yesterday the kids were in amazing moods. What a fun night they had dancing around the living room and learning "the worm" from Ali. We also had Joel's mom over for dinner. And finally after 4 nights I slept from 11-6 WITHOUT waking up. Now to get off this blog and CLEAN with Lysol!!!:)  And its Wednesday...only downhill to friday from here:)


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  1. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!!!! Went to class until nine, and then home to bed. :)