Saturday, September 14, 2013

Don't rain on my Parade~

What an insanely crazy busy RAINY day! It has poured this week. Very unusual for Fall in Montana!!


Our Saturday morning tradition for the past couple months has been getting donuts from this small little bakery around the corner.

The kids wake up in the morning expecting them now. Such a sweet man that owns this little shop. The donuts taste AMAZING!!

Despite it being saturday, the boys had dentist appointments. Sadly they both have cavities and have to get those taken care of soon.  :(

Since I have been fighting this HORRIBLE cold!!! I took a nap with the babies today. Everybody jumped in and helped me clean the house tonight! What great kids I had today!!! My girls also made a delicious Apple Crisp and Raspberry Limeade for dinner. I used my birthday present from my parents and made homemade vanilla ice-cream!!! YUM YUM!!!

Now i'm snuggled in with a my helping of this amazing dessert watching "Now you see me" 
Happy Weekend and enjoy your Sundays:)

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