Thursday, September 12, 2013

~FALL~ in love with the season!

I know my mother doesn't like these kinda posts, but I have to for my sister!!!!! 
I'm linking-up with Army Ever After and her friend Stephanie.

What do I love about Fall!!!? 

EVERYTHING!!! Fall is my favorite season above all the others!! 

I love to decorate for Fall. The colors are just gorgeous and I feel likes its a fresh start to the house. I get tired of wall colors and the way my house is set up very quickly. I like to re-paint and re-arrange often, so getting my fall decor out helps calm those urges...

My CHEAP new centerpieces! I got the glass vase at a thrift store for $.55 and a bag of the sparkling, colored foam balls for $1.00. Doesn't that just make you happy:):):):) Double happy!!!

 This has been one of my favorite decorations for years now. Its just so cute, right!?

Clean, crisp, fresh air!!! I love when I can open my windows and turn my air off.  My kids seems happier when the windows are and Joel happier with our energy bill:)

I'm pretty sure everyone's post will include Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!! I make them myself as much as possible so I can save money...and they are just as good. 

The colors of fall are GORGEOUS! My favorite family pictures of all time, was when we had a fall background. 

And last but not least CORN!!!!!

This was in my mailbox from my friends!!! Love you guys!:)

Happy FALL!!!!

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  1. Ummm! Excuse me! You are misrepresenting your mom. This was a great post. I liked it. And I enjoy my daughter-in-love's posts like this, too. I just really like it when you two are original with them...putting your personalities into them. Like this one. Love you both!