Saturday, September 7, 2013

"I love you more than the color PURPLE!!!"

"I love you more than the color purple!!" That is what my 4 year old daughter said to me this morning after i "lost it" Talk about a humbling experience when you're angry and your daughter has to calm you down.  My challenges from my last post have proved to be a little harder than I expected. Starting with the eve of my back to school party. Finally going to bed at midnight, I did my nightly check of all little ones. When I peeked into the boys room, I was not softened by sweet little sleeping faces, but of three sets of beady little eyes on faces that knew they were in trouble. Mind you, they went to bed at 8:30, so beats me what they were doing for almost 4 hours. With a stern talking from daddy, they were fast asleep by 12:05 and I knew none of them would be attending school early friday morning. That slowed my friday W....A....Y....down. Carting 4 kids around instead of 1 was a great challenge on my party day. Already being stressed out (not living or laughing and frankly, not in the loving mood) I got my pork roast in late. I had it timed out perfectly to have it down and ready to eat by 6:30 allowing everyone time to arrive. I wanted the kids to take a late nap so they would be fresh and adorable for the party starting at 6, but alas my BOYS had a different plan.  For the next two hours, I begged, yelled and threatened, but they fought me the whole time. Deciding to just be done with them and let them lay in their beds, I got to work on preparing all other yummies for the night. And then it happened...3:47p.m. the whole house went silent. No air, no stove, no hot water, no crockpot...NO POWER! I will not repeat what I said at that very moment as I am not proud of it, but needless to say--I lost it!!

Please note....I am known for my parties. I don't just make a homemade banner and order a meat tray. I prepare weeks, sometimes months in advance for any party.

Broolynn's 2nd birthday

Joel's Birthday

Silas' 3rd Birthday

And because of last night's craziness, I did not get a picture. But let me tell was superb!

Our power came on 15 minutes before people started to arrive and I had NO MEAT. Since my crockpot shut off with the power, my meat had not finished cooking. Pizza Ranch to the rescue...70 pieces of fried chicken was ordered and we were saved!!!  What an amazing night with friends and family! I honestly couldn't ask for better friends, new and old. 
We made it to bed a little after midnight with the anticipation of getting up early for Lexi's very first soccer game. We of course were late and made it to the gym with 2 minutes to spare. What an awkward feeling of being the last parent to sit on the bleachers...just sayin'. 

So no LIVNG, no LOVING and definitely NO LAUGING!!!
This child refused to run, refused to kick the ball and refused to take her fingers out of her mouth. Now most of you know lexi...very outgoing, no fear and so hyper that i have to doubly medicate her with melantonin at night. Nope, not today! We wanted nothing to do with soccer, teamwork or activity. At one point of her standing in the middle of the court (because the coaches were being fair and letting her "play") the ball stopped right at her feet. She looked down at it while everyone was yelling "kick it, kick it", looked at me, turned around and walked away from it.....ummmm, ask me could i have died right there!!!!? Just ASK ME!!!!? HOLY CRAP!!! 
So needless to say, again....I lost it!
On the end of the ride home, Lexi says to me "Mom, you look mad at me." I, in anger, embarrassment and sadness said, "yes lexi, i am."  She let out a big sigh and said "Well mom, just so you know...I love you, love you more than the color purple!" To a 4 year old girl, the color purple is a big big BIG deal. So for her to love me, despite my losing it, MORE than the color purple made me feel so disappointed in my attitude. Instead of living, loving and laughing the last few days, I have failed completely at my challenge. 
So this afternoon (after a much needed hair appointment), I pick myself up by my bootstraps and apologize to my kids for being testy and irritated. AND...i ready myself for the next party! And Lexi Lou, I too love you more than any color!!

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