Sunday, September 8, 2013

Is it FALL yet???

Ok, I have to admit something! Mostly to my mother because I always shut the idea down for a blog...I LOVE IT!! Its kinda all i've been thinking about. Taking pictures and reading other blogs...its fun!:) My house has taken a beating for it this weekend, but I will fix that today with...well, child labor. Many hands make light work, right?? Hahahaha not around here!!! My saying is, "Many little hands make MORE work", which is juuuuust fine!

So since i'm borderline obsessed with this new venture, I'm gonna be a copy cat and be like my sister-in-law. If you haven't seen her blog yet, check it out! She is with my brother stationed in Hawaii!! Army Ever After

So its seems that bloggers are kinda like a family, they share buttons, stories and challenge each other on certain days. So, here's my first Sunday Social post!:)

1) What is your favorite Fall activity?
Is getting pumpkin spice lattes as many times as possible allowed??? Cuz, that would be my favorite activity pretty much for any season. Going to the pumpkin patch with my kids is a VERY close second tho!

2) Do you have a favorite football team? If so, why?
So i'm definitely NOT a football watcher, unless of course its the Super Bowl. Really I don't even watch then, I just like having a party lol! So I don't have a favorite team, but I do root for someone when it comes to the superbowl. My dad would be so ashamed...GO COWBOYS!!! ;)

3) What is something fun about Fall in your area?
I'm not sure if its just our area, but being from Montana and having corn fields, this is what i'm sticking too. CORN MAIZE!!! I've gone to the corn maize more times than I can count. Its a great way to get into the harvest spirit and the kids love it!! This years maize...So excited!!!

4) What are your favorite Fall staple outfits?
With any season, being a mom of many, a tee shirt and yoga pants are it for me! But there is this special time called "hoodie season" ahhhhh oh do I love the life of hoodies!!

5) What things are you looking forward to most about this coming Fall season?
Other than pumpkin spice lattes, fall leaves, cooler weather, hoodies, more parties and new decor for the house...MY PARENTS COMING HOME!!! I love them so much and things are difficult without them around. Some girls just need their moms!!!

6) What is your favorite Fall holiday?
AHHHH, Halloween. Not because of the creepy witches and warlocks, but because its soooo cute to dress all my munchkins in costumes. Its so cute to see their personalities when it comes to picking out costumes. And then theres the little voices squeaking "trick or treat"!!! Oh ay  and FREE scary pancake day at IHOP!!

Happy Almost FALL!!!!!!


  1. Adorable kiddos and I'm so jealous of the corn maze! We don't have those where I'm at-- just beaches! And I LOVE Elizabeth! It's awesome that you are her sister in law.

  2. Angie WilkersonSeptember 18, 2013

    I love fall because my birthday is in September, but really more so because of the crispness. One of my fav fall activities is to put my flower beds to bed. I am not a green thumb by any means but its therapeutic to cut down rose bushes, ferns, knowing you are helping them "spring" into something beautiful next season. My fav football team is the Minnesota Vikings! Our family goes to my dad's house after church for lunch and football. Regardless of their win/lose record Viking fans are passionate...we know a superbowl is just around the corner! Everyone in MN goes to the lakes area to see the leaves change color. to see the green(barely) golds, reds, yellows, oranges is just so amazing it takes your breath away. Staple outfit for fall? Same as it is for any woman who is in menopause!! SLEEVELESS! And it will be that winter spring summer fall until menopause is finished! haha! After a summer of missing worship with my church because we go to the cabin every weekend, I love to be with my sisters and brothers in Christ every Sunday and that is my fav fall look forward to event! My favorite fall holiday is Thanksgiving. NO gifts being given , just being thankful for family, God's blessing and good food. Seems like one of the least commercialized holidays out there! Hugs to you and yours!