Tuesday, September 10, 2013

O'mama knows best!!

My mother made fun of my other post, so I deleted it and started over. But I'm still adding the picture of me as president MOM!!
Just Cuz!!!

Write about personal experiences she says. Whats on my heart she says. What means the most to me she says.  To be honest I don't always want to trouble the world with my daily problems. Today was abnormal nonetheless, but what does define normal. For me bleeding heads, choking kids, knots on heads, sleeping teens and lack of dinner eating seems to be the norm for a mom of 8. 

Ok, so lets go with mom's advice.

Personal experience: Oh dear lord, the stares I get everywhere I go, especially walmart. I've determined something tho. I don't think the mothers with 1-2 children are staring at me because of my over abundance of kids, as much as they are in awe that all 5 under 5 are quiet and behaving properly in the store. Her's on the other hand have just pulled their pants off, stuck it behind the canned green beans and ran down aisle 6. I shield my childrens eyes and move on quietly telling them, "thats a no no, we shouldn't act that way." Another experience today was when the cashier asked if they were all mine. I despise that question because in everything I put my complete heart into. I don't like answering no or explaining which are "mine" and why. Have some manners people or common sense. I mean come on...do i look native??
Sorry, i HAVE to get this picture in at least once a week! Its a classic!! So lately my kind words to that question is...Today they are!! For, today...they are!!!

So next mother approved topic: Whats on my heart?
Am I doing a good enough job? I don't want it to just be good enough...I want life to be the best for all my kids. Stretching my heart, body and mind 8 (9 with joel) different directions run me down. 

Is Brooklynn develpmentally on track? Am I helping her be independent and better herself for the social world? I fear my little home body will never take a liking to anyone else in this world. I get her out and about and she just clings to me more.
  Does Trey understand that I'm not going to hurt him when we talk? I have to be stern when he acts out, but he has always taken a step back in fear, no matter the many times I hug and hold him when I tell him No. Will he ever see a mommy as a good thing, not a fearful thing?

Can I help Silas move on from his past? So many obstacles drag him down--emotionally, physically and mentally. Will I ever gain his trust enough to let go of nightmares and memories from years ago? I try my very best to make every new situation a great memory for him to cherish, yet I see old horrors creeping up on happy times. Will those ever die?

 Does Francis feel my love for him? Does he see my attention and know he doesn't have to beg for it negatively? Does he see that, despite his lack of love in the past, that Joel and I are rooting for him 110% He is so loving and compassionate and it gets looked over by his workers and family so much that it hardens his heart a little more each time. Will he ever just be himself and embrace life?

Does Kayci understand that none of these kids replace her? Does she know my love for her has never lessoned because of multiple kids? Does she still see that she was our first baby and no one can take that from her? Even tho I have plenty of children to keep me busy, I miss her beyond words. I can't express my desire for her to be happy and love her life. I would give her the world...does she know that?

Do my teen girls, Ali and Lisa know that no matter how messy their room is, or how many minutes they rack up on their phones that I'm not giving up on them? Do they know I will listen to them any hour of any day? Do they know they are valuable and worth more than gold!? Do they have enough self esteem to get them through highschool? I have dreamed of the day I could influence teen girls and its here now...yet all I do is worry if i'm doing it right or leading by proper example? Am I?

And last but not least...Lexis! Does she tolorate this lifestyle? Does she hate me sometimes for not being able to spend my entire life with her? Does she miss having her own room, her own toys, her own dinner? Does she wonder where mommy and daddy's time went? I find myself between a rock and a hard place...the life of my miracle daughter vs. my felt calling from God.  Does she love these kids as much as I do? Does she understand?

And mom's last statement: What means the most to me?
Have you seen him lately? Tall, bald and handsome?? Best daddy in the world? Loving husband, greatest giver of time and money? He belongs to me! What would life be without him and what did I do to deserve  him by my side? I'm no easy woman to live with and he comes home from a looooong work day to 8 crazy munchkins, putting in another days work from 5-8. I love him to the moon and back. What a wonderful life he has created and so humbly  given to me! Joel Hausmann, you mean the most to me!!

 So mama, there is my post! Personal and from the heart. 


  1. You must have a very controlling mother! She needs to back off and let you be. ...so she will. And she loves you very, very much. And she loves your heart and your energy and your enthusiasm and most of all your love shown to hurting children. May God bless and guide you in every moment of every day~ <3

  2. I know your mother and she has the most tender heart for her family and for anything God. It was interesting to see the pictures, especially of the teenagers, who generally will not smile when a picture is being taken and guess what? They are smiling! The children look so happy and no child will look happy when they are being disciplined. You know if you are doing what our Lord and Saviour would have you do in the Bible, then you are getting it right. Letting them know that you don't like the behaviour but that you love THEM. God bless you for taking on children who need that extra bit of love and attention. It takes a special people that God calls to work so hard to make sure that every child gets a change in life to become something special. Something God intended for them to be. God bless you!

  3. You are certainly a gift from God yourself, Shauna. Keep up the good work in the power of God for sure. How else could you do such an amazing ministry as what you are doing for these precious children. Praise God.

  4. Angie WilkersonSeptember 18, 2013

    ahhh mothers... Marta, i so love that you have never been a 'controlling mom' ... you have let Shawna be who Shawna is, She is the very epitome of "used by God". Some women spend years looking for a mentor, never finding anyone who can instill in them the belief in themselves that they need to succeed in life, always looking for a woman to teach them what they need to know to balance marriage, spirituality, parenting, and self... yet Shawna has had You, MENTOR, MOTHER, in her life always to show Shawna the "way". (p.s. it's Jesus!) Thank you Lord that there are women like Marta and Shawna in the world who can "mother" children like no other woman can. I applaud both of you!