Friday, September 13, 2013


I couldn't be more happier about it being friday. Use to be, I didn't care. All my days would just run together. But with 4 in school now, I am thankful when Friday's come around. No school tomorrow, no 7 a.m. breakfast, no getting dressed before Dora comes on at 8 and no trying to get everyone in the car before its too, I'm a poet and I didn't know it!!  Hahahahahahahahaha.....
Give me a break, its Friday and this house is filled with sickies....including me. School starts = head colds. It's such a miserable thing to not be able to smell your delicious pumpkin spice coffee. Oh well, a shot glass of DayQuil and I'm on my way. I desperately want to get laundry and the house semi-cleaned today. Kids are mostly down and watching re-runs of Disney shows, so I should be able to get something done. I have at least 3 different checklists going and not 1 thing crossed off. Don't ask me why I am waiting till Friday to get them done, but I am. 

We had court yesterday for my oldest. Attorney's want her to go home, but she's just not ready. We are more than happy with her staying here as long as she needs. We love each child so deeply that all I want to do is protect them. You know, that good ole' mama bear comes out of me. My favorite thing to do lately is tell people I have a 16 year old. OH!!! If I could just capture their faces!! In disbelief they say "How old ARE you!?" Lol!! I enjoy terrorizing people!!

We FINALLY got a date set for two very important things too! Our FGDM (Family Group Decision-making Meeting) for our two boys is finally set. A FGDM is where everyone comes together and talks about the case, where its at and where its going. Attorneys, workers, parents and foster parents! These can get very Very VERY interesting. I don't allow Joel go to them anymore because his sarcasm isn't really welcomed.

Also MEDIATION for Silas and Brooklynn is set. I've had these precious babies for over 16 months now.  They are my life and my heartbeat.  Here's a quick backstory on these two:

In May of 2012, one week before the biggest move of our life, I got the call. We hadn't received a call since January so there was no way I could say no.  An 11 month old baby Girl and a 2 year old Boy.

  I was asked to go pick them up the next day and I was ecstatic. We put up two beds quickly and prepared ourselves for two more babies. We moved the next week and started our life with now 5 children under 4. 

We had visits off and on with their mom and mom's family. Dad had skipped town and no one heard of him throughout the summer. I had great aspirations for mom and just knew she would be able to complete her plan and get her kids back. In late October, things started to fail for her and she knew she wouldn't be able to complete everything in the time allotted. At a short dinner in November, their mother decided they would be better with us. We could give them amazing opportunities and raise them to be good citizens in this world. It was a week before Thanksgiving when she had her last supervised visit and backed off from the kids. Our court date for permanent custody was set for December  so Joel and I were so excited to start the adoption process.  

It was only days before the court date when this dad, who had completely abandoned them, came out of no where wanting the kids. We were crushed!! These were our kids and we had already set in our hearts that we would be raising them.   NINE looooong months late, he STILL hasn't seen the kids and we STILL haven't had our court date.  This is just part of working with defense attorneys and the Department of Child Services.  This marks over 18 months since B and S have seen their dad. They were babies and in no way will they remember him. We are their mom and dad, for thats all they know. 

So we have all finally agreed on a mediation. Since I have not been to one of these yet, I have been told its where we all sit down (2 hours or 6 hours, however long it takes) and discuss the future. Explain to him the pros and cons to relinquishment, giving him the opportunity to make the right choice in the best interest of his kids. We then don't have to go to court if we can all come to an agreement.  I'm not nervous, or scared. I've put it in God's hands and now just want it OVER!! I want permanency for these kiddos.

So our next couple weeks are SWAMPED!!! Dentist appointments, Doctor's appointments, Mediation, FGDM's, Court dates, school activities and still keeping up with our weekly appointments as well. I hate being bored, so this is just the life I wanted...Busy and FULL of children:)

As we sit here and watch "brave" my sick daughter just asked when I would be done "boggin" and snuggle with her. So i'm gonna go LIVE a little:)  HAPPY FRIDAY FOLKS!!!

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  1. FEAR- False Evidence Appearing Real. I know you normally live fearless, but sharing a truth that has helped me conquer the unknown no matter what it looks like. If God is for us, who can be against us? NO ONE, NO BODY, NOTHING! We know this, but sometimes when circumstances look grim, or when doors are not opening, I often, (and maybe you sometimes) let FEAR grip me! It's only Satan trying to fool us into doubting our God. I know you and J will overcome! Love you!