Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The first day of the rest of my life!

I am exhausted and feel UBER cranky today! Why you may ask...I sabotaged myself today. Eating everything and anything in sight, for tomorrow....WE DIET!!! Not only am I back on my Body By Vi lifestyle change, but I start first thing in the morning with a trainer over at my local fitness center. I have been trying to eat better and I see a difference. So much so that today has almost killed me. Pop-tarts, chocolate, McDonalds, Soda, rice Krispy treat, Ben and Jerry's, Tortilla chips and more...CrAp!!!

I have been dealing with my weight for well over 10 years. I didn't control my eating or exercise in high school or college...then I became a mom and we all know how much personal time that leaves us. 
I REFUSE to make that my excuse anymore. I need to do this, not only for my family and husband, but for myself. Im sooo ready to make "healthy" my life. I'm so ready to feel good about myself and not live through my children in the energy they have or the cute clothes they wear. I'm ready to be me and show myself that I'm not just a pretty face. And oh dear lord does my husband deserve better than this...I'm 26 for goodness sakes. I should be sleek and active, not tired and cranky. This day, i proved to myself that eating all that junk food was the worst thing for my body. I just feel blaa...
Today, well tomorrow....I make a promise to my husband, my children, my friends, my readers and to myself that this will change. I will make the effort and work hard to make HEALTHY my life!!!  (Hurry back mom, so i have someone to cook for me;)

I will be starting the Body By Vi challenge. I did this a month ago and loved it. 2 Shakes a day and a healthy meal! It worked out so well for my busy schedule and they taste amazing. I need to up my water and cut out any sugar. That alone will help with my energy. 

I will also be back to my fitness center EVERYDAY! I've done the gym off and on for 6 year but this time...I will work with a trainer.  They asked me, would you like a male or female trainer? I really didn't have a preference so they set me up with this guy...
Let me tell you something....I'm gonna lose weight like crazy! If this guy tells me to run 5 miles...I"M GONNA BE RUNNING 5 MILES!!!!  I'm not sure I wanna look like that, but looks like he has dedication to the process! 

I am just about to head to bed, so I can wake with a vengeance for weight loss. I CAN do this!!! I CAN do this! I WILL do this!! I will update every wednesday morning on my progress!! I'm Living, Loving and there will be some definite laughing when I can't move my extremities!

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  1. Angie WilkersonSeptember 18, 2013

    I applaud you on what ever goal you set for yourself, but i do have to comment that you look AMAZING in this picture! Hugs!