Sunday, September 29, 2013

What a week~

I know...I know....Its been crazy long since I posted last. This week has been terribly chaotic. Friday was suppose to consist of our once of year visit from our Family Worker at the Department. I spent days cleaning and organizing, preparing really for stuff she doesn't even care about, but I feel it needed to be done. I was all ready Friday morning with my kids clean and dressed, pumpkin candles burning, tea water ready when the call came....She had to cancel. Oh dear lord, that just shot my weekend into the biggest spiral ever.

I am taking this Sunday evening off of motherly duties. Kids are watching Brother bear with the ever so healthy sunday evening dinner/snack....popcorn, cheese and apples. They love it and secretly I cooked the popcorn using coconut oil, so its healthier than you thought:)

The kids school is going great. Ali is enjoying high school more and more everyday. Its so hard for anyone to jump into a brand new school, no friends, no clue. She is doing fantastic at making friends and keeping her grades up. She had a councilor appointment this week with her new doctor and I have to say I'm so pleased. Joel and I have never been huge supporters of therapists and psychiatrists, but I loved this one. She acknowledged my concerns and agreed with everything I said I wanted for Ali's future. I feel we were so blessed to find her. 

Lexis is advancing in her preschool class. I'm so amazed at the growth in her and how much she remembers. She learned her very first bible verse last week and tells it to us multiple times a day.
  She is learning her vowels, how to spell her name and other valuable things (washing hands, sharing, and responsibility).
 And....we had time this week to make cookies together!:)

Silas and Francis are also doing very well at their preschool. Even tho its a state preschool, they let the boys pray for their snacks and teach them the pledge of Allegiance. They have grown alot in the last couple weeks. My babies are getting so big:(

My beautiful Lisa went home today. After almost 6 weeks of having her apart of our family, she took the biggest step and decided to go home. I am so proud of her for having the courage to do the right thing. She was such an inspiration to us. What  an amazing girl!!! She was so dedicated to church and so sweet to all my kiddos. Her and Ali came to be such great friends, this transition was definitely hard on both of them. I pray her life is filled with joy and can only hope she continues to visit us:)

This week will calm down just a bit and I hope to get laundry and dinners back on track. We have a VERY important meeting on thursday with Silas and Brooklynn's case. I'm trying not to think about it because it will ruin the first part of my week if I do. Please Please pray for that meeting to go well and that God would intervene. God knows best...I know He does!

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