Wednesday, September 11, 2013

~Wishing O'mama Home~

Its been a couple months now since O'mama and Papa left for the south. Lexi is very very attached to them and has had a difficult time with them being gone so long. We ask almost everyday for Omama to make her some tea or Papa to come play Ipad with her. My heart hurts for her and makes me sad that mommy can't fix it.

So tonight, Lexi was in an O'mama mood! Learning from her older sister that you can make a wish with dandelions, she picked the last one in the yard. Holding it close to her heart, with her eyes closed, she wished O'mama home. " Omama I wish you to come home, please Omama Please" 

I promised to get her a calendar so she could count down the days till O'mama and Papa get home. 

Tonight was gymnastics for Lexis and Brooklynn. Brooklynn is in Gym Buddies (18-36 months) where I participate with her. We do circle time with about 6 other kids. I couldn't be more proud of her. She is amazingly behaved, does anything and everything the teacher asks of her and participates with the best attitude. 99% of the other parents are chasing their kids, leaving because the kids are screaming, or getting frustrated because their kids won't do the activity. We do practice activities at home so that when we are out and about, the kids know how to act. But, Brooklynn took my guidance to the next level. What a proud mommy moment!!!! She was fantastic and loves every minute of it too. 

Lexis is on her own in the 4-year old class. Lexi has done gymnastics since she was 17 months. We tried dance for a year and Lexi BEGGED to be back at the gym. She has advanced so well in the last couple of years. I love that Billings Gymnastics teaches dedication and perseverance.

                                                                                                   Lexis 18 months

Brooklynn 28 months                                                                

I love love love doing activities with my kids! These girls make my heart happy!!

And to end tonight...I leave my mother a message from her Granddaughter!!!



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  2. Angie WilkersonSeptember 18, 2013

    I am so glad that Lexi's Omama will be home soon!