Monday, October 7, 2013

~Blast from the Past~

I just love my mornings. There's no fighting, no yelling, no crying. Ali, Lexi, Fran and Silas whisk off to school with daddy and I am left home with my two 2 year olds. They play sooooo well together.  The only day we had a little bit of arguing, I put a pillow between them on the couch. 
They ended up playing peek-a-boo with each other because of it. Since they both LOVE the movie Brave, they insist on watching some of it each morning. That allows me time to run through the house, straightening it up before I pick the little ones up a 11:30. I have enjoyed very much getting my time in with the two littlest littles:) And because of it, Brooklynn hit the mark of 100% potty trained.
Telling me everytime, getting on the potty in the morning all by herself!!! It was quite frightening the first morning, going to get Brooklynn out of her bed and SHE WASN"T THERE! But so relieved to find her completely stripped and sitting on the potty...Good Morning mommy, I'm done:) LOVE HER TO PIECES!!!!

Usually I spend my Monday mornings talking to my mom on the phone, catching up on their weekend and her on ours. I am soooo excited we only have 1 week left till they are home. 2 1/2 months is a loooong time for your babysitter....errr chef....errr nanny...errr, your Mom to be gone. :) Come home Omama, we miss you!!!!

In my spare spare spare time....I have been scrapbooking. I say three spares because my first two spares are filled with showers and well, blogging. But when I have EXTRA spare time, I put in a little scrapbooking. I'm creating a book filled with our kids from foster care. I remember them all now, but in five years, it may be a little difficult to remember each name and face. So, i'm creating a scrapbook of memories. 

My week looks pretty calm from this monday morning, but leaves lots of room for fill up. Of course all but two of my kids have parent visits this week. First time in a year that Silas and Brooklynn have scheduled visits again. We got some VERY interesting news on dad this weekend...I will share when I feel its ok and wont compromise the case. But just know for all you prayer warriors that kept praying after did a VERY VERY good job:) 

We have one more 70 degree day for this fall, so I am going to try to get the kids outside this afternoon for a quick last time yard clean up. Also need to get the garage ready for two cars again. So lots to do this monday, but at least its all home front stuff! 

I leave you with pictures....I was going through all my pictures of past october's last nights. I can't believe my baby has been alive for 4 falls now! Where has the time gone!??? I hinted at Joel that I just might...possibly....maybe want another baby. Just maybe!:) I miss those chubby cheeks!  






Happy MONDAY!:) and Happy FALL!!!

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  1. I love all your pictures, especially the ones of Lexi and Kayci! But Brook'en is such a sweetheart too. : )