Monday, October 28, 2013

Christmas with 8~

I'm on pins and needles this morning. We got a call yesterday and are expecting a baby girl sometime this morning. CPS is having a hard time finding mom and baby since she took off from the hospital, but they have a plan in motion. Hopefully not to much longer that Baby Girl will have to endure her current situation.  The kids are ecstatic...the girls have been begging for us to "get" a baby. You know, to Lexi, babies come from a phone call and then a lady drops them off. Explaining where babies come from have been super easy with her:) I put Lexi to bed about 8:30 last night and when I went to bed at 11:30 she was still awake.  "Mom i've just been thinking about something"( I realize at this point that this child will be one of those who can't sleep the night before a big test)  I asked what and she replied "Mom, i've been praying for months and months to have a baby and now she is coming to me" Needless to say, Lexi may be more excited that I am about this:) 

Baby's set up:

This last week we also had another meeting for my two little munchkins. I feel out of all meetings for them, this one went favorably in our direction. We really got down to dad's involvement and what he hasn't done. It was still mentally draining, but I felt encouraged at the end.  Thank you for all the prayers on the matter. Our court date is set for late January. I hope so badly that it is all over then and no longer drawn out. Since visits, Brooklynn has taken a couple steps back. She is once again very clingy and frightened by strangers. Doesn't enjoy going out of the house and FREAKED out when Great O'papa came over yesterday. She is back to wanting to be by my side constantly. I enjoy the company, but was so pleased with her growing the past couple of months. 

Lexi and Brooklynn on way to Gymnastics:

OK, I know, I know!! Its not like I didn't have stuff to do, but I've been wanting to combine Ali and Kayci in the boys room for the last couple of months. They will share a room and being grown girls, they needed the biggest bedroom and closet. Since Kayci was coming home for the weekend, I decided to conquer it this weekend. (funny, i told mom that when the house was torn apart, i would get a baby call!!! YEP!) Anyways, I decided to completely gut the room and start from scratch! I know, CRAZY!



 We pulled up the old carpet. I saw many a blog post on painting subfloor. It looked so so cool. With both Kayci and Ali being artistic, I thought this would save me on a many paint mess and look better in the long run.

Kayci came on Friday and I let the girls prime the WHOLE room:)

I took the girls to Lowes and told them to each pick a color even if they didn't match. I wanted them to pick their favorite colors but told them this would be the color they would graduate highschool with:) 

ALI- Amazing Red
KAYCI- Ocean Breeze Blue

I saw this cool idea to divide the wall, making it look cracked where the colors changed. At first joel was waiting for me to put a shield up, because it looked like Captain America's room, but after I was finished...we liked it. 

So for the floor idea, I was going to do a darkish grey porch paint. Then if the girls wanted to do artwork on the floor, they could. When we went to buy it, I wasn't sure if it would need to be tinted or if it came in grey. We were discussing our idea's with the paint lady and she of course figured out we did foster care. She thanked me for what I did and proceeded to show me a can of paint. Some snooty lady had bought black porch paint and decided she just didn't like it and demanded Lowe's let her return it. Of course black was not my first pick, had sparkles in it. The girls flipped...oh please please please can we get it. I couldn't say no to their cute faces or the fact that the paint lady, so thankful for what we do, wrote $1.00 on the paint lid. So we got a $38 of porch paint for $1 AND it had sparkles:) 

To my surprise, it looks WAY SUPER COOL!!

The girls finished up putting their stuff in place Sunday morning before Kayci left. She was bummed she didn't get to sleep in their, but excited for a 10 day christmas break at home:)

We are still finishing up, with wall decor and touch-ups:)

Chalkboard wall:)

 So its been a rollercoaster of a week! I"m excited for what this week holds. Hoping to strengthen a baby, assure Brooklynn her safety, potty train Trey overnights, and get in as many snuggles as possible:)  And of course get ready for Christmas with 8 children!!!

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