Saturday, November 2, 2013

A little of everything~

I'm sitting in my favorite chair, looking at the beautiful sunrise. I cracked the window open just a tiny bit to smell the fresh fall air and hear the small amount of birds left in the neighborhood chirping.  The house is quiet and calm, except of course for the one smoke detector beep that shrieks every 3 minutes. We have changed the batteries in all the ones upstairs and its still beeping, we can't find it!!! Even tho I have 6 noisy kids with each of their noisy toys, this beeps bugs me the most during the day. 

I had a wonderful date last night with the love of my life. We haven't had a dinner date since our 6 year anniversary in August. Its been a loooong time since I  dressed up, did my hair and make-up and put jewelry on..that just doesn't happen everyday. It was fun going to a restaurant we wouldn't usually go with our family of 10. A quiet, HOT meal was just what I needed to start this weekend. We ended up talking all about the kids of course, got to missing them and came home to snuggle with them. I'm so thankful for  a mother who does back away from watching 5 under 5, but pushes us out the door to enjoy ourselves! Thanks OMAMA!:) 
I don't usually take pictures of myself, but every one's doing it:)

If you don't know already, my parents are missionaries to Ireland. They are on deputation right now and have taken a small stop at our place. We loooove having them here no matter how short or how long. Like their ministry page on Facebook to keep up with them and pray for them.  Heart for Ireland!!(<--- click me)

Halloween wasn't a huge ordeal at our house this year. We had so much going on and I was pulled in different directions this month/week. Since the kids are in school now, they all had parties with their school. I'm so against massive amounts of candy right now...its just not good for anyone!!! They all dressed up and ran around the house for a good 20 minutes before half of them were begging to take their costumes off because they were "itchy". After a Lasagna dinner,  the rest of the costumes came of:) Ali did dress her self up as a Princess and handed out candy to our trick or treaters. I do love her willingness and love for just about anything. 

Lexi's gymnastics week was "see what I can do" Daddy, Omama and Papa came. Even tho, its a 10 minutes segment, its so much fun and so stinking cute to watch what she can do. I'm amazed at her dedication and strength. Brooklynn has really progressed too. For a baby who didn't start walking till almost 18 months, she is just blowing my mind with her abilities. We have made, okay I have made, a friend at gymnastics which really helps the time pass. My friends son and brooklynn are in the same class aaaaaand...her daughter and lexi have been in the same class since they were brooklynn's age. Lexi was hugging her friend and said "mom, its time she come over, its daddy's turn to meet her now." I told her we would talk about a playdate and we left. In the car Lexi said, "Thanks for saying my friend and her family could come over for a big pizza dinner." I replied, "Ummmm, i didn't say that" Lexi pointed her finger at me, squinted her eyes and said "But you wanted too." Hmmmmm, ok good point! She then continued to same we could all get in my big bed and watch a movie with popcorn...not so sure that will be on the invite, but a cute view of what Lexi thinks is a good time:)

Brookie Gym toes
Lexi Gym toes

We weren't able to get the Baby girl this week. The judge gave the parents 30 days to fix their stuff. In a baby's life, 30 days seems so long. Anything could happen in that month. So we sit and wait. I have faith in knowing that God has a reason for everything. We will have the children in our home we are suppose to. I was overly ready for a baby tho:) All in good time!

Instead of spending all my time on a baby, I finished the boys room. It was pink and green for when the girls were in there, but since switching the boys have been wondering why their wall was pink. I want some more wall decor, but the finished color is so cute!!!

Since the beginning of this post, all children are awake and bugging me for food, or clothes, or to watch a movie! I must get off and attend the masses! Happy weekend all!!!
She made this all by herself!!!

Momma and her littlest baby:)

Lexi's frosty:)

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