Saturday, November 9, 2013

A week in the life~

So Saturdays seem to be my time to blog, my only time to blog. This week was definitely a little different than the norm. 

My little doctor:)

Starting Monday afternoon, I was having some bad stomach pain. I pushed it off as gas, since taking the Body By Vi shakes, usually makes that happen a little more. Couldn't sleep at all Monday night!!! Since Tuesday, my life has consisted of me in my chair, wrapped up in a blanket eating mostly half burnt toast. Thursday night, I had about enough of the pain and tried to be seen at the walk-in. I guess any kinda of stomach pain is automatically seen in the ER, no questions asked. Not really where I wanted to be, but I needed some answers. I had two ideas, gallbladder or ulcer. Either way, I just needed to know for my peace of mind. Joel went with me and we went back to the room at 9:21. Barely having time to get into my cute gown, they were taking vitals and checking where the pain in my stomach was. I actually was pretty shocked how quickly they were in to see me. Dr. Sam decided to try a GI cocktail, proving if it was indeed an ulcer or not. Stupid blood pressure cuff went off 4 times within a matter of 10 minutes. I know I'm young, but that doesn't mean use a child's cuff on my arm. Young and Fat lady...get me a bigger one. NOPE! The pain in my arm was starting to distract me from the pain in my stomach.
 After my cocktail, they gave me about 10 minutes to see if it worked. It did feel better, but I really don't think Dr. Sam understood the amount of pain I had been in. All he did was tell me to get OTC prilosec and move on. I felt silly for being in there, but relived that it wasn't life threatening. I'm still pretty down even today. Not sure if I will need to go back in for some anti-biotics or not since I'm not really feeling better. All I know is this mama needs to GET STUFF DONE and it drives me CRAZY not be to able to attend to my family. 

Kids have been great this week. Lexi sweetly rubbed my back yesterday when I had a horrible migraine. "I pray God makes you better mommy" That was the best thing she could have said.  I am blessed that my children can grasp God's blessings at such a young age. Since attending a christian preschool, Lexi is beginning to understand Jesus more and more. She is so open to learning and willing to be molded...I'm excited for her future. Since forever, we pray for each of our meals. We finally had to start going in order because the kids would fight over who would pray to eat. It doesn't matter whats put in front of them, each of my sweet ones patiently fold their hands, close their eyes and wait for an AMEN!:) Since being able to talk, I've helped Brooklynn and Trey form somewhat of a prayer to feel included in the mix. Here is what I captured yesterday, just a day over 2 1/2:)


God is so good to me and my family. Blessing us with this house, our vehicles, Joel's job, and all these children which make up our family. Who knew I would be given such opportunities at such a young age. I'm so glad I surrendered to His calling. What an experience life is for me!! I LOVE IT!!

Kids loved the fall weather this week:) Leaves, Leaves and more Leaves. 

My littlest had a horrible attitude and was in time out.

I wanted him to come play with us, but he was angry at the world.
Yep...angry at the world lol

Sweet Silas

Fun Fran

Beautiful Brooklynn

Loving Lexi

I'm desperately trying to get my home and family back to eating correctly. I started my diet and workout regime last Thursday. Worked and ate right a good 4 days before my stomach starting hurting. Lost 13.3lbs in those 4 days. I was soooo excited to press on and see what I could do in a week. Even tho, I haven't been able to work out and have only had carbs...I have lost a total of 17.6lbs. Can't wait till I can get back to the gym!!!:) 

I did do some baking this week. I had some zucchini that needed to be used. I saw a recipe to chips and tried them. They were delish, but way way way to spicy to eat to many at one time and of course the kids wouldn't touch them. 

I also make pumpkin spice bread from scratch, including the spice. It needed more sweet, but was weirdly addictive. 

I needed ground cloves and I only had whole:)

All mixed in a blender

Yum Yum!

I got some super exciting news this week. My bestest friend in the whole world and her husband are coming for Thanksgiving!:) Anna and I met when we went to Japan together in 2003. Since then, even tho we have lived sooo far apart. We have been such good friends. You know, the kind you don't really talk to for a month but when you're together, its like you have been together forever:) They moved from back east to Colorado this past year which has proven much easier for visitation!  CAN'T WAIT FOR THANKSGIVING NANA!!!!!

On our way to Japan

16 hours in a plane is exhausting!!!

Happy to be together:)

American food!!!

Love her so much!:)

Bed and Breakfast 

Japanese Lunch

Beautiful Views

Kayci and Anna in 2009
Anna and I after not seeing each other for almost 5 years!!!

They are such a cute couple!:)

We are gonna have so much fun for Thanksgiving!!!!!!


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