Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blessed with Love~

My heart breaks for the children of our world. Thousands and thousands left without somewhere to call home, or someone to call mommy/daddy. Imagine not knowing when you leave for school in the morning, if you will still be at the same home when you get picked up.  Imagine...no family!

Those eyes full of saddness, those ears lacking the words "i love you, i will never leave you", those hearts full of betrayal and those smiles full of hope for a new day. 

Over 400, 450 Children in America waiting for a family. 


No time...
No room...
No money...
No love...

What is time? The realm of life we base everything on. Eating, sleeping, working, shopping, and activities. Time does not exist to a child. They simply follow your lead and go where you go. Time does not matter to a child.

What is room? Its what we base our class on. Huge house, High class...Big House, Middle Class...Small House, Low class.  Thats so wrong...we are all equal in the sight of God. Our class does not affect God's giving in our lives. He always has room for one more in His kingdom.

What is money? Its life...its satisfying. It makes us happy?? What does the Bible say...the love of money is the root of all evil. What a powerful verse. Does the love of money overcome the love of a hurting child?

What is love? Love for your self, your family, your pets and your things.  If you are blessed to be living in this world then you have been given the greatest love of all...the Love of Christ. Jesus had so much love for mankind that He DIED for us. Can you imagine a love so deep, that you would die for all selfish, sinful man to be given the chance to live forever.

Not only did He die for us...but loves each one of us enough to become a child of God. An adoption of salvation. Doesn't matter our age, our race, or our special need. God's acceptance is never based on
or love!!!

Then why is ours???? Why is yours??

Adoption isn't for everyone...but is it for you? 
Has it been on your heart?
Is it your calling?

Are you blessed to be a child of God?
Would you bless a child/children with your gift of love and family?

Please send me an email if you have any questions or want to pursue adoption in the states! I would love to help you start the process :)

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