Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My little bubba boys~

God so blessed our lives with two more little boys in May. They came to us with the idea that they would only be with us a couple weeks. Well, this friday marks 6 months! Its been so up and down with this case. Are they going to grandma? Aunt? Grandma? Mom? Yeah, no one ever knew and no one was ever on the same page. Since then, these boys have bonded very well with Joel and I along with the kids. 

I'll be the first to honestly say...BOYS ARE TOUGH! Little boys have to be the hardest for me. I haven't raised a biological boy, so I don't know if they are different because of such a hard environment in the beginning.  The boys I have had are emotional, delayed and flat out stubborn when they wanna be. I can ask them to do a task and they stare at me...Joel asks them to do something and they are just honored to obey him. When I make them follow through with something I have asked, they cry. I don't know if its the relationship these boys have had with their mom's in the past, but oh...my...word...does it get hard.  On the flip side, when they love me...they LOVE me. Such snuggle bugs and sweet kissable cheeks. It does make it all worth it in the end, but can be such a struggle some times. 

Anyways, FINALLY for these two we have our VERY FIRST (in 9 months) meeting about their future. I've gotten to be quite the pro in these very emotional meetings...but this one will be different for me. Different rules, different laws, different situation. Since dealing with an Indian case, all normal thoughts will be thrown out the window. The tribe sees us--white people--as a threat when all I wanna do is be here for these dear children and help them through this difficult time. 

My prayer is that a decision could be made about these boys future and let it be a good one. We would love to have them as long as it takes for a good outcome. They have come leaps and bounds since day 1 and I'm amazed to see what gentlemen they have turned into:) 

Prayers would be appreciated tomorrow afternoon...for the boys future to be the best for them, where they could still lead a life to salvation and a knowledge of God's love for them. 

Also prayers for the following weeks. We are starting to up Brooklynn and Silas' visits a week. They will start having longer and more frequent visits. SO SO SO not what I want, but what needs to be done. I fear for the emotional and mental stress these two are under. Today was Silas VERY FIRST bad report from school. They said he was a complete meltdown the entire day. I blame visits for that. He has really come into himself and this was not normal for him. My heart breaks for him. Brooklynn is still fairly secure unless we go out. She has started being clingy and whiny again when we are out and about. I thought was had overcome that, until these visits. I keep telling myself, God's in control. But its oh so hard to watch them go through such a hard time. 

Thank you for all the prayers and support so far! PLEASE keep it coming!! I love this season in my life despite the tests. God won't give me anything He knows I can't get through with His help! I'm thankful to Him for these sweet little blessings each and every day!:) 

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