Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thankful for All Things~

I'm so thankful for many many things! Most days I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 

I have no fear of death, for I know where I will go when I die. I'm thankful for my eternal security with Salvation in Jesus.

I'm beyond words thankful for my amazing and dedicated husband. Where he leads, I will follow. I am so head over heels in love with this handsome man and fantastic daddy. 

I am thankful that God gave me the privilege of having a baby that is both Joel and I:) The Lord knew I would love any child as my own and I believe my faith in that alone gave us LEXIS! I'm amazed how she embraces my dreams and passions without hesitation. She will be something great!!

2 years!!! Its been two years since our FRS worker came into our little home on Fairpark and licenced us for Foster Care. Since then 62 children have been through our home. I am thankful for every single one of them. What would my life be if not for these babies that fill up my entire day?? I love it, I'm thankful for it and I can't wait to see what the next 2 years brings us:)

I'm so thankful for our great support system. My wonderful parents, Joel's mom and our close friends. They are so loving and giving to all these children. I'm so grateful for the many prayers, I feel them everyday. 

Last, but not least...of course I'm thankful for my trusty blog followers:) I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing a bit of my heart with you and I hope I can touch many hearts. 

Snap back to reality!!!

All four of my little kids were suppose to have visits at the beginning of this week.  I was a little bummed about the boys visit on Monday because they haven't seen their mom in over 9 weeks. Of course I am thoroughly on board with them rebuilding the relationship with her, just not three days before thanksgiving. I know kids love their parents, but there is something about a visit that totally throws kids out of sync. I don't usually get them back on track till the day before the visit has to happen again. Its a vicious cycle.  I was about 20 minutes away from leaving the house to take them, when I decided to call the worker to see if she could come get them from the car, so I wouldn't have to take allllll 5 kids out. Come to find out (since NO ONE called me) Mom had cancelled on Friday and there was no visit. Thanks so much for the call!!

On Tuesday I got the greatest thanksgiving present ever.  Silas and Brooklynn's dad had canceled his visit. They have been so great this week and I knew a visit would cause alot of heartache.  I'm just desperately hoping that his cancellation was because he had some heart towards my letter. I haven't heard from him but I'm praying it has had some affect on him for the good. 

I love love love my friend Anna!! I'm so thankful that Anna and Lyle could come over for Thanksgiving weekend. We have had a blast. God blessed me almost 10 years ago with an amazing friend. We have been through many crazy things together and came through better friends in the end. I love her to pieces and can't wait for 4TH OF JULY (hint hint;))

Pictures taken 5 years apart:)

We had a wonderful thanksgiving. Joel's mom joined us for a quick dinner...QUICK dinner, since we had to be in line at Toysrus for the 5 o clock special!!! I know, I many people are against shopping ON thanksgiving day. There isn't anything I'm gonna say that will make any of these stores not open. So, I embraced the fact that they will be open and get me some deals!! Almost everything the kids needed/wanted for Christmas this year was on super duper sale!! YAY for black friday!!!

We had Brooklynn and Silas' grandparents over for dinner last night and then we all piled up for the Christmas parade. Sadly, it was cold and kinda lame. Kids even wanted to leave before it was over. But the memories were fantastic:) 


We are planning to put up the Christmas tree today and decorate. I love including the kids in this and they are excited for me to be done bloggin and start. I hope everyone had a wonderful will definitely be one for me to remember:)

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