Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Christmas FULL of Blessings~

WOW! What a wonderful season!!! I am so blessed to have my amazing family or munchkins! Words cannot describe my heart right now!!
(Yes, the new little addition's face is blurred because I do not have parental permission to post pictures of her)

I'm so happy the kids are on Christmas Vacation. No school, no early mornings, no pick ups...just family time and snuggles!!

Looking at Christmas lights~


We started vacation with Lexi's Preschool Christmas program. She has been practicing for months! We were sad to tell her teacher that we had made a very important decision--We would be homeschooling Lexi the remainder of her year. Joel and I have thought about this since the day she was born. With all going on in the school system right now, I wanted to make this decision now so that Lexi and I could start at the beginning of her schooling. I have made the decision for home school my children. She is as excited as mommy! I am praying for wisdom and patience in the years to come. 

My little girl, all grown up!

Brooklynn enjoying Lexi's show from daddy's lap:)

Our Kayci J came home for the holidays!! It has been such a happy time with all the girls together. 


Of course, Lexi decorated cookies in her panties...therefore icing was, well....the picture shows it:)

Gingerbread House

During Gingerbread house making, I received THE CALL!
My Christmas present this year consisted of 6lbs 4oz of cuteness. A 4 day old baby girl, ready to be released from the hospital. I was able to meet her parents and reassure them of her safety. I'm not sure what this case holds or how long she will be here. She was identified as a Meth baby, but she has shown minimal signs of the hardships babies suffer from drugs. She has slept, ate and played amazing. She is super alert and all around very happy. Again, I would love to show her cute face, but not until there is parents permission. Oh let this new journey begin!!

FINALLY!!! Christmas eve arrived. The kids have been beside themselves in anticipation. We were honored to have Joel's mom and my Grandpa over for dinner and presents. The kids also opened their Christmas Pjs and stockings:)

Christmas Eve Dinner


New Pajamas

Our 2nd Christmas with these babies!!! (please ignore the LARGE bruise on Brooklynn's head...wish I knew where it came from)

With how they reacted the whole night full of presents, I would say this was the first Christmas these boys have ever had. They really weren't sure what to do with presents:( So happy to be able to give them a fun Christmas!!!



Our ONLY real Santa:)

Stockin' time

Everyone else's stuff was scattered's my little OCD boy:) All organized and clean!!!

They played for a while and then knew the faster they fell asleep, the quicker morning would come. 
Kids were so so blessed this year!!

How we do it in the Hausmann home--Each person has a pile of gifts. Those gifts are NOT for them, but for another person. Since Christmas is suppose to be about giving, each child picks from their pile and gives the gift to the other person. We let the kids take credit for the gifts they give, so they understand the feeling and the greatness of GIVING. 

Then I had laundry baskets set up this year for the kids to place their opened gifts know, just to keep it organized:)

I didn't take to many pictures of the craziness. I really like to just enjoy this time with my kids:)

Here are their BIG gifts tho...the ones they REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted:)
Ali and her ihome

Kayci and her Ariel

Fran and his "iPod" :)

Lexi and her Fish tank and fishes

Silas and his batman

Brooklynn and her Vacuum 

Trey and his bike. 

The kids also opened one big gift. It was two pictures of their puppy that will come home the 3rd week of January:) They are so super excited!!!

Princess Sophia

Sword Fight:)

Cleaning the mess up

Boxes galore!!

Patiently waiting for her next gift. 

It was an amazing Christmas for us! We were able to Face time with Omama and Papa, since we were so sad they weren't home for the holidays. 
In Sunny California:)

I hope every one's Christmas was blessed and fun! MERRY CHRISTMAS! I'm off to watch Planes with the family!!!! 

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  1. Just wanted to say I love this blog. I found it on accident, but live in your area and it has really helped me feel more relaxed about our upcoming home study and fostering :) thank you so much!