Saturday, December 7, 2013

Living in the Arctic~~

So this week, it was warmer in Santa Land than here in Montana. WOW!!!
We had record temps since 1972. I am so thankful for not only a home...but a warm home. 

Speaking of Santa...I just don't know what to think. I didn't grow up thinking Santa bought us toys for Christmas. I grew up knowing that Santa, the Easter Bunny and Tooth fairy weren't real. Now, I have kids... and I wonder what to do.  Joel and I had kinda decided against it. Our mindset was, If we teach our kids about people they don't see...Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Jesus. Then when they find out S-T-E aren't real, what helps me make them know Jesus is real?? A strong reality that a friend made mention of was how many kids do have the joy of thinking Santa is real and know as adults today that he isn't but Jesus is.  I've never liked the idea of "lying" to my kids, but this year its kinda been out of my hands. 

See, I have this 4 year know, the crazy logical one. Yes, LEXI!! After years of seeing Santa at the mall, in parades, hearing her friends talk about him and watching movies with him in it...There isn't a thing I could say to her at this moment to make her believe Santa does not exist. Right now when she talked about Santa and I tell her he isn't real, She puts her hands to her hip and exclaims...MOM!!! You are lying to me, you are a big liar, because I KNOW Santa is real. Now that I have many children, look into their cute little faces and see the excitement of the fantasy of Santa...I don't care! Its the same imagination as thinking Ariel, or Minnie Mouse, or Batman is real. Its all apart of being a kid and enjoying childhood. So for now, Santa bring presents...LUCKY SANTA gets all the credit for these awesome EXPENSIVE gifts LOL!!!!

Christmas will be C-R-A-Z-Y this year.  10 KIDS!!!! (Quick Back story--I know a mom from church who is also a foster parent and has had 2 kids for almost a year. Miss Z-5 and Mr.W-3 Its been a roller coaster of a case and has now come time for the state to terminate parental rights. I know everything about this case and have learned alot about these kids through this foster mom.  Well, the time is now that the State is wanting to place them in an adoptive home. Long story short, we could be weeks away from being that home. We are excited and ready for yet another journey in our life. The foster family they are with does a yearly Christmas Ski trip so the kids are gonna spend Christmas with us. We are super pumped about this time to get to know them better and hopefully add them to our family. They also have a little sister due any time now.) So 10 stockings hanging for ages: 14,8,5,4,4,3,3,2,2 and 0. I LOOOOVE a full house for Christmas! 

Last Year Christmas Mess:)

With all that news we are PRAYING that all 6 adoptions can take place next year. Silas and Brookynn's dad is still pushing and according to his lawyer, he will have them back in February. She feels he has completed everything and wants to move for the kids to be placed back with him. I don't see much fight from the department anymore as this case is dragging out so long. I still pray he has a change of heart or that we can win in court. My only hope in not spiraling into depression is living day to day not worrying about the future.  

Jeremiah 29:11

New King James Version (NKJV)
11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

We are counting down the days for Kayci to arrive on Christmas break. Ali has completely decorated their room for Christmas. 

I'm loving the bond these two are forming over phone calls and text messages. That was my biggest concern when adopting an older child was how Kayci would feel about it. What a wonderful heart Kayci has and how she loves her big sister. She is writing a chapter book entitled "the best sisters in the world" Its of course a book about Ali, Kayci, Lexi and Brookie. My heart loves to see my blend of girls loving each other. Can't wait to see them possibly accept two more into the mix! OH MY...6 GIRLS!! 
Sorry Joel Hausmann:)

As the kids nap, I'm going to go make a cup of coffee and wrap some presents by the fireplace. I do love the weather that permits me from going out at all:) Its the most wonderful time of the year!!







  1. I think the Santa thing is ok. Joel believed in Santa and he turned out ok

  2. Nicole DuryeaDecember 08, 2013

    I agree. The Santa thing is ok. Children have this huge, wonderful, and magical world to play in and it only lasts for so long before they are pushed into reality. Allow them to have as much fun as they can in this moment and allow them to be children for as long as possible. (Im not talking until adulthood here...but, you know that) Once its time to reveal who truly was Santa, The Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy allow the grown up child to help maintain the magic of being a little kid for the younger siblings.

    As far as the presents from Santa...he never brings the best presents. Those are from mom and dad. Santa only comes once a year. Why should he bring all these great presents and I give the smaller, not as wonderful ones? Sorry, Jolly old man, this is MY time to be the hero in my kids' eyes. Go ahead, threaten me with a lump of'll never deliver it anyways. :-)