Saturday, December 14, 2013

What do I stand for?~

This week has been filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. As I look back, its the craziest roller coaster ever made!!! 

As I end my week and face forward for the future, I ask myself one question, What do I stand for?? I've never been a person that cowards from speaking the truth, nor one that is quiet when wrong choices are made. But in my old age (I can't believe I'm almost 27...ahhhhhh!!!!), I've learned in some situations to sit down and shut up. 

When it comes to something I believe in, my passion outdoes my self control. But I still have to ask myself, What do I stand for? Why? And to what extent? 

~~~I Stand for my God. He has his hand on every part of my life. What an amazing journey I feel my life has been. God has shown his goodness on my life, even before I was born. He protects our family and blesses us  beyond belief! YES! I will stand for my God!!

~~~I Stand for my Husband. Marriages are failing all around me, breaking the covenant they made before God and their families. I believe if more women stood for their husbands, divorce would decrease. My heart melts and tears fall from my eyes when I think about my man. A man who dreams with me without reserve, a man who purposed in his heart that there was a greater need in this world and embraced it, a man who teaches our children love and respect by his every day actions. YES!! I will stand for my Husband!!!

~~~I Stand for my Children. If I don't, who will? They are our next generation. Instead of standing for them, we label them with a disorder, push them into therapy and hope everything works out. God is definitely working on my heart concerning the stand I will take for my children and I am open to whatever I need to do for the sake of my little ones. I will raise them up in the way they should go and give them the love and support to succeed when they are grown. YES! I will stand for my children!!!

~~~I Stand for my Name. This week has hit hard on my character and judgement. Despite the gossip and hurtful lies that go on around me, I hold my head up and stand tall for my name. 
I'm Shawna Hausmann! I've been happily married for almost 7 years, I have been a mother to many and would jump at the chance to mother more. I am strong willed and passionate about my calling--foster care and adoption. I cherish my family and love my friends. I will not let you down. I set my goals high, yet achievable. I am happy with who I am and stand up for the truth in this world. YES! I will stand for my name!!!

Today is a new day--a day for new challenges, new beginnings and  new happiness!! 

Today, I will thank my God for all He has given me, I will Praise Him for the good times and the bad. I will focus my heart towards Him with every word and action!!
Today, I will hug my husband a little longer, letting him know I appreciate his strength and guidance for our family. I will treat him with kindness and uplift him in his hard times. I will be beside him through thick and thin, building upon our already solid foundation!
Today I will see bright smiles on the faces of my children as we have fun:) I will tell each one of them they are special, they are wanted, they are needed. I will love them unconditionally and teach them truth and respect. 
Today, I will mend old friendships, build on the new and turn away from the hurt and misguided ones. I will jump at the chance to better myself and focus on helping others when the opportunity comes. I will be a light, shining in this dark and confused world. 

What do I stand for? 

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