Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Good-Bye 2013, HELLO FUTURE!!!!~

I didn't start blogging until September, so I thought it would be fun (mostly for me and my mom) to see the year in review:) 

January was another birthday for me. So so close to 30....CRAZY!! I'll be honest, i'm proud of all I've accomplished in my young age. Also amazed at all God has given to me in such a short time.  January also held an AWESOME of my best childhood friends moved back with her family. I have LOVED getting to know again such a wonderful friend and her husband. She is also my photographer, so everyone PROMISE me to check out her blog page. She is so affordable and super great with kids. I love love love her pictures! And, I love her!! That was a happy January!!!

February was a whirlwind for us. After my little hula girl being with us for over a year, she would transition home to her Aunt. Looking back today, I am so so happy for!! She has such an amazing family. I'm so glad I had the chance to have her in my life. What a wonderful bundle of joy:) The week she left, Miss Itty Bitty joined us. Best baby EVER! She was so much fun to have for the short time we had her. God blesses our home with the best kiddos!!!

March was double its triple!!! I have Lexi on the 19th, Ali on the 20th and Silas on the 30!!! MARCH IS CRAZY!! Lexi's 4th Birthday was Strawberry Shortcake and Silas' 3rd was Thomas.


April showers brings...


Brooklynn became 100% Potty Trained at not even two years old:)


May started off with my littlest peanut's 2nd Birthday! I have had her for all her birthdays and at this point over half her life!! 
 Minnie Mouse Fun

Also had a wonderful Mother's day with ONLY 3! In the last two years, I was never down to only 3 kids:) It was...relaxing!!

May was also the month my boys came. They were only suppose to be here for a couple days...its now been 8 months!! I love them!!

June was FULL of fun! I love love summer. Kids can play outside, the sun stays out forever and I can open my windows:)

One of my good friends married her best friend and the kids had fun dressing up for the occasion.

My Biological mother and sister came to visit for a couple of days. They had never been to my house, so it was fun reconnecting with them. 

The kids participated in their swimming classes the last part of June. Silas came to me terrified of water. This swimming class totally helped him gain confidence in any water!!

JULY...JULY...THE 4TH OF JULY! This is my favorite holiday by far!!! I love how communities come together. The BBQ's, the family, the heat, the fireworks...our COUNTRY!!

 I've always loved it, but in the last year it become more special to my family since we have a member serving our country. We love and miss you Uncle Pookey!!!

We had an adorable litter of kittens in July. Kinda a cool learning expireiance for the kids. 

August was another C-R-A-Z-Y Month!!

We took off for Colorado Springs for vacation and Kayci's birthday. I love my family! My uncles have always been the best to me and I love seeing them once a year. I enjoy seeing my kids get to have the same bonding moments with them as I did:)

Kayci is 8!!!

While on vacation we got...THE CALL! Small backstory...So when we started foster care, Kayci was at an age where we could talk to her about it and get some feedback. She was fine with all of it, her only request was to remain the oldest. We felt that since it seemed to be important to her, that was where we would draw the line. Now, keep in mind I REALLY had a heart for girls ages 10-15. In May we were doing ER Care and ended up getting girls 8,10 for a couple of days. Kayci was crushed when they left and voiced to us that she did want an older sister. I was so excited because I knew thats where I wanted to help out. Looking around we found out that there were no girls in need of a home in that age range in montana. We thought about looking out of state but decided it was to hard and took to long for the move to be made. We prayed and left it in God's hands should He find us one that was perfect for our family in Montana. When the call came, it wasn't even from our own DFS office. It was an out of town office who was unaware of our interest. The message on the phone was apologetic that this child was out of our age range, but they pleaded with us to take her. I cried! Because someone who didn't even know our heart was practically giving me what my heart desired. We hurried home from vacation, rearranged the house and waited for her arrival the next day.  Four months later...we are so estatic to make her a Hausmann this new year! What an amazing girl! We love her so much!

Ahhhh, September brought what I love best....A SCHEDULE!!! Summer is just crazy and I love having everything planned out. Hence why I made an entire wall in my kitchen, a chaldboard wall:)

 Ali started Highschool, Kayci 2nd grade and the littles started Preschool. 

 Also, Lexi started soccer!

And the girls started Gymnastics!

Of course September was also the start of this blog, and 41 posts later...I still love it!:)

October=FALL:) I do love summer, but I'm also ready by October to be done with the heat and on to the pretty leaves. 

November brought us Thanksgiving with my bestest friend from Colorado....and her husband:)

December by far has been my best month this year!! Its when I could breathe and release the stress of the future of my babies! So happy for them to be able to move on from visits and the unknown...ready to enjoy the rest of their life with them:)


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