Thursday, January 23, 2014

No Time to Blog~

Busy Busy Busy!!!! Things are going SO WELL right now. Kids are doing amazing, I'm feeling better, house is staying clean and we are eating better. I just don't have time to blog...:( Life is awesome--Raising kids, enjoying your marriage, building friendships, going to church and being involved in your community. I couldn't ask for a better time in life than right now! 
 Being a kid is hard hard work!
My Dragon Fighters
 Carrying our sword in our undies is the only way to go!!

I'm in slight denial that I will be 25, or 26...or OH MY WORD--27!!!!!!! I don't feel that old. I don't know why this number is weird to me. I just feel it is so close to 30 and that's OK...right?  I will embrace it, eventually.

We have been deep into normal schedule in the Hausmann home. Boys go to preschool in the morning, Ali to school and that leaves me with the little girls. My mornings fly by with playing, schooling and dancing with these little princesses.  How many tea parties can YOU have in a week?

I have a wonderful new venture in life. We have an organization in Billings for foster parents. Its called the Yellowstone Valley Foster/Adoptive Parent Association (YVFAPA). Under their umbrella, I have been able to start a new support group. I named it HOPE group. Having hope for our kids and their future. We had our first meeting last week and its amazing. I'm so excited for the future in helping foster/adoptive parents in our community. I love how so many come together for the common good. I have built so many friendships in the last few months. My heart is full!!

Fran had his 5th birthday! It was close to his confusion at Christmas. He wasn't sure what a birthday consisted of. It was fun to let him pick his dinner, his cake and watch his face when he realized a birthday came with presents. He was even more shocked when he was told the presents were ONLY for him! I love this little boy so much. His smile, his love, his wonderful personality. He brightens my day! 

We had an FGDM and Court for Silas and Brooklynn's case. Let just say, we are still just waiting for the department to get their stuff together.  I really didn't think I have an issue with patience....i do now.  We have a permanency court date in April. It should all be done by then. Praying, Praying, Praying. 

Great Opapa got the kids Disney Live tickets for Christmas. We will be attending the show this weekend. The kids will get to see Mickey and the gang, Ariel, Toy story and Aladdin. They are so super pumped. 

We got a new family worker at DFS. We are having a big meeting tonight. She will come over, meet us and the kids, see the house and talk about what our future consists of. I'm actually very excited for change and moving forward. She is also bring us...WAIT FOR IT....papers to sign for Ali's adoption packet. We are FINALLY at the 6 month mark of having our 14 year old and can move on with adoption. She is excited, we are excited and the kids could never imagine life without her. 

We also changed our ages for the house. Everyone wants a baby and that's why we don't need one. I packed up all my baby/toddler stuff last week. I'm loving the older school aged girls. It just works well in our family. Joel and I are perfectly satisfied with Brooklynn being our baby. I'm actually really ok with the idea of no more babies...for now;)

Well that's the update on the Hausmann life. We are enjoying life and growing kids!:) 

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