Sunday, January 12, 2014

Random Random Random~

Ugh, I'm going on day 12 of being sick. Started out with a little head cold, and now its turned into full blown Laryngitis. The cold has also made its way into my ears, like it does every year. So at this point in Mommy life, I've got it made. Can't talk and can't hear...My kids are loving this!!!

I have done EVERYTHING I can to get rid of this. Humidifier, Emergen-C, vitamins, water, healthy eating, sleep...NOTHING IS HELPING! Some days I feel worse than before. The doctor even gave me an antibiotic...well that has come and gone and still no improvement. 

Its just like the devil to get me down at this time in my life. It wasn't a new years resolution, I had just planned to get back into the gym and start Paleo again after the holidays. Since then, I have barely been able to even walk up the stairs or put in a load of laundry. I haven't had much of an appetite so I have lost 7lbs. Kudos to being sick...NOT!

Another fight is in my new project. I was voted in as Committee Chair for the New Hope Support Group. I started a support group for Foster/adoptive parents here in the Billings area. We have already had an amazing amount of calls and preparation meetings for this group...and I can't speak. It has been so hard so me to have to hand off my jobs for this new venture right now:( Hope to get my voice back soon so I can touch base with all the new parents and so we can have a wonderful kick off next Sunday. 

The kids have been pretty good. They have all taken their turns being sick and sassy. My poor Trey woke up one morning super weird. He hadn't really shown signs of being sick at all except for a little runny nose. He is my physically strong one, beating me up the stairs and picking up heavy stuff. This day he could barely stay on his feet, could barely get up the stairs and ran into the wall twice trying to get out of his room. It scared me so I rushed him to the doctor. Would ya know, the poor kid had a double ear infection in both ears? Not a word from this boys mouth, not a cry, not a bad attitude...just couldn't stay on his feet. 

The boys have been hit and miss with morning Preschool, but when they do its fun to watch Lexis and Brooklynn interact. Like most sisters they have a love/hate relationship. Lately, they have been the best of friends and its just cute. 

Lexi's home school is going well. She is so active and quick to jump from one activity to another. I can barely keep up with her...hmmmm, I wonder where she gets that from?:) 

This is me as a young girl!

I can't believe how much Lexi looks like me!


On top of these crazy munchkins, a household to keep clean, meals to cook, sickness and a new support group...we got our puppy. I love chaos...that is it. 

Layla is her name...yapping is her game. She is like a baby...if you aren't holding her she is fussy.  The kids are taking turns helping with her. When it was Lexi's turn she came, puppy in arms, "Wow Mom, taking care of puppies are hard...whew!!" I know she will be great for the kids as she gets older. Its just a tough stage right now.

Well this week will be busy!! Home visits, half school days, FGDM's, getting ready for our kick off on Sunday, preschool screenings and much much more. I do love staying busy, but it would be great if I was feeling better. Here's to a good nights sleep and feeling better tomorrow!!!

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