Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Day in the Life~

Common questions are always, How do you do it? Do you have anytime for yourself? What do you do all day?

Well here ya go... Here is my Friday!!

7 a.m. EVERY morning at this exact time the neighbor next door starts his truck. I'm awake!!
Joel gets up for work. I kinda doze in and out of sleep till about 7:30.
That's when I roll out of bed, put on my big girl pants and throw my hair into a messy bun. 

Lexi is usually awake by then watching some weird early morning cartoon in my bed.  I wake up Si so he can go upstairs and get dressed for preschool. I have all their clothes laid out the night before so its just one less thing I have to do in the morning. 

7:45-- Lexi and I come upstairs...say goodbye to Joel and brother.  I turn TV on upstairs, make a cup of coffee and find whatever I have 5 of to feed the munchkins for breakfast. Usually, granola bars with yogurt, oatmeal packs or cereal if we have enough milk. (you'll be happy to know I make them homemade shortcake for their strawberries this morning!!) 
There was a hole in my flour and when I tried to closer the bag...
One of many messes:)

I make sure sippy cups are already made and lined up for instant satisfaction. 

Between 8-8:30 is when I hear the first "jabber" they are all awake and rearin' to go. I'm so proud of all my kids who wait in their beds for me to come get them. I love all the little "good mornings" when I flip the hall light on:):) 

My triple threat, as I am calling them, march up the stairs. The conversation?? Cups, breakfast and TV! To three 2 year olds, there is nothing more important than those three things!! 
I send Baby B to the potty and line the other two up for diaper changes...still talking about our cups BTW!! After they are dry and sipping on their cups, they sit on the couch while I get the baby up. 
Of course 9/10 of the time Smiley Jo has peed through her diaper and is soppy wet...which I don't realize until I carry her to the changing table and lay her down.  Now I'm soaking wet! Great, another change of clothes. I strip and change baby while saying 42 sit on the couch until I can get your breakfast. Empty sippy cups are thrown at me, attitudes have begun. Patience is nonexistent. 
By now its almost 9, we have missed getting Lexi to preschool and she is upset with me.  I tell her she can play ABC, but we all know that we probably never happen. 

Finally breakfast is ready and we move to the dining room. Still after years of eating at this table, we fight over where to sit. 

9:15--The kids eat breakfast. 4 girls and 1 boy. They gain up on him! He's not eating right, He's looking at me, He's not being nice....seriously ladies, lay off!!

About 9:45 I wipe faces, hands, shirts, pants...everywhere there is food. Re-fill sippy cups and send the olders downstairs to ....wait nope, diaper changes because we have already passed the first sippy cup of water. Nooooow, downstairs to play. Its 10:00!
I quickly try to get the kitchen and dining room back together. Mommy this and Mommy that makes it quite a process...another poopy diaper. 

I grab the already full laundry basket and hope to put in a quick load, all the while knowing I will just have to rewash it later because I never had the time to put it in the dryer before it started to smell. 

Downstairs the fighting has begun, Surfer Jo will NOT leave the girls alone, so its off to room time for him. (Room time is something all the kids get throughout the day, some more than others. Its not a bad thing--Just a time to be alone, play with toys without being bothered and refocusing on the day) We all need a little room time. 

10:30 Smiley Jo is exhausted from toddling behind me and is ready for her first nap. Kids are already asking for a snack. So I rally up 5 snacks and put on a movie downstairs for them. 5 Minutes of stillness never hurt anyone...I put away some laundry even tho upstairs still isn't done from breakfast...who cares anyways, its almost lunchtime. Small morning chit chat with the hubby:)

I catch a quick face book post of two before picking up the toys already dragged upstairs. 
At 10:45, 20 minute call from the state. The crew is running crazy again and I realize I'm hungry since I haven't had a bite to eat yet. 

Lexi wants to snuggle, so I can wait for lunch:) 
We have a talk on why we can't just go to DisneyLand after nap. Its hard to understand. 
Ok--with two kiddos having room time, one watching TV, one napping and one outside playing...time to make some lunch. Music on, Excedrin migraine taken...GO! After I unload and load the dishwasher. 
Screaming child...dirt in the eye! 11:07 and still haven't started lunch. 
And at 11:15 I'm finally done cleaning up from breakfast. :)

I run out to the garage and pop open two cans of Ravioli...looks like its been froze. Not sure if it will be good...might have to find a plan B. 

Who says kids can't tell time? They are up right now saying, its Lunchtime! They KNOW!!!

Lexi must not be feeling well. She is back from inside and "wanting me" Looks like nap for all today! (Hip hip hooray)

Baby is awake...good nap!:)

Yep Plan B it is. Ravioli was really watered down and I wasn't chancing it...looks like Chicken Nuggets, Green Beans and Peaches today. (Tilapia for mommy)

Lexi wants to color, no chalk, no read books, no watch Alice in Wonderland....k yes something she wants to do. Maybe I can check face book again really quick!

Called the kids up for lunch...someone is poopy!

11:50--Its all quiet in the are scarfing food:) And I am sitting down, enjoying my first meal of the day! Tortilla crusted Tilapia and Green Beans with a side of Coke...shhhh, don't tell my mom:)

Kids are done with lunch but I am on the phone with ECI. Thank goodness for Lexi occupying them so I can set up appointments. 

Change diapers and its 12:38....countdown to nap time has begun:)
Dancing to Frozen music~

Moved a dresser from downstairs to upstairs for Lexi's new room. Kids play really good when they are split up:) 12:54...almost time for bed!!

Its 1:11...I got the laundry switched!!! YAY!! I also swept. Its been a good last hour. Now kids are ready for bed. Changed two poopy diapers! 

K--1:15...just announced it was nap time...3 out of 5 crying! Lovely!:)
Baby B put a whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet....plunging!

Its a couple minutes before 2. All are asleep, the most enjoyable time of my day. Peace, quiet and a cup of tea. I do love what I do and I love my kiddos...but this time is soooo needed to get  a mommy through the rest of her day! 

Now to pay some bills and get ready for tonight's Hope Support Group:)
Did a little face book stalking on my new kid's family....interesting. 

Its teen should be home soon. Its been such a quiet little bit. Definitely needed. Had a couple of phone calls, peed without interruption and dosed a bit on the couch. Ahhhhh, this is the life! 

Now to prepare sippy cups and snacks before the crazies awake:)

3:41-- Baby is awake, gave her a snack and painted her little toes. Dreaming of summer...

3:54--they are all up, watching cartoons, eating pirates booty and downing cups of Mio.
3 diaper changes!

Having Joel bring dinner home tonight, so I don't have to worry about cooking. But most days I would be starting dinner about now. 

I had some time to grab some Carter's door buster onesies for baby. YAY for summer time!

Its 4:26 and I'm going to send the kids downstairs so I can go get ready for my Support group tonight. 
I switched out the laundry a second time. This should go down in history! I never get this much laundry done on a Friday! This has been a really good day! I'm so glad you all could come along with me. 

I'm getting ready to have my boys home and grab a bite to eat before I rush off to our Foster/Adoptive Support group....Nope, didn't get to eat:)

I came home around 8:45, talking on the phone with a good friend until 9:20. When I got inside the house, all but one was in bed! Lexi Lou cannot go to sleep until mommy is here with her. So as I put Lexi to bed, I also fell asleep! Good, Great Friday!:)

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  1. All I can say is God bless you for all your efforts. You are wonder woman!