Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Birthday to our Son~

It was a warm May afternoon. I was frantically packing up the rest of our tiny house since we were moving in a week. I was excited, happy, satisfied in life. We had Lexi and two foster kids in our home who were 3 and 2. We were busy and ready for a bigger home. 

Getting a call from DFS wasn't a surprise since we had two kiddos in our home. But this time, it was someone new. Introducing herself, the social worker asked if we could take two little kids...

Call me crazy, but I couldn't say no. I had all my clothes, extra beds, highchairs packed...but yes I'd take them. Who could say no to a 2 year old boy and 11 month baby girl? Not this mama!!

"Its really short term" she said! 

Well Ladies and Gentleman...we are a month away from it being 2 years! These two munchkins waltzed into our life and made a permanent stamp on our hearts. I'm so blessed to say they will soon be Hausmann's and be our forever family. 

Today, March 30th...we say Happy 4th Birthday to our Son. What a roller coaster it has been with him! Learning to raise a boy is no easy task, but such a sweet journey! Joel and I are so blessed to have a wonderfully compassionate, sincere big boy. He is crazy smart and always trying to learn more. His future is super bright and I can't wait to see what God has planned for him. Daddy and Mommy love you little man!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. BLUE EYES!!!

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