Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Love is all it takes~

We just returned from a weekend with Kayci. She has been taking dance since she was super little and had a competition. She did awesome! I was so so proud of her. She was able to swim and spend the night with us as well! So glad she is apart of our family:)

Well the last two weeks have brought on a BUNCH of changes.  Last Tuesday we got a call for a 2 year old little girl. Our little Mexican Jumping Bean:) She is amazing! She has  been here for two weeks and has learned so much already.  Looks like we will have her for awhile until parents can get their act together or family steps up. At this point, no one is really jumping on board for her, not even mom and dad.  It is very obvious through the way she has acted that she was very neglected. No schedule for eating or sleeping. She has bonded very quickly to me and is doing much better now. We will love her for as long as she is here:)

The following Friday our two boys left. We were having alot of issues with their worker and their case. I still look back on everything and wondered if things could have been dealt with differently. After this week I know God had this hand on everything the whole time. After they left we got a call on Thursday for two little blondies.

Surfer Jo is two:) He is very behind in many different ways. He is very sweet but he hasn't had much attention in life. I'm looking forward to this week trying to find out more about his background and such. He reminds me so much of Mr. Blue eyes when he came to me. Quiet, reserved, yet so eager for love.

His sister, Smiley Jo just turned one. Oh my goodness how gorgeous she is. Such a good baby!! She is sooo little but toddles around here and there. She is also close to the same age when I got Baby B. I am loving watching her grow.

These two will be here for a bit. There are a couple possibilities for them, but nothing set in stone yet.
So in the last two weeks, we lost two and gained three:)

Both Ali and Lexi had their birthdays. They are a day apart...C-R-A-Z-Y:) We had a joint birthday party...Fire vs. Ice (Catching Fire and Frozen) It was a little stressful with 6 little kids running around. I'm so glad my mom was here to help me. Ali had never really had much a birthday in her past placements. This year was a success and she had many friends show up:) 

I'm excited for summer! Ready for my days to warm up and get longer. Kids are always so much happier in the summer...and so is mommy:)

My parents have been here for about a month. They are packing up as I type, off to the next adventure. I sure do miss them when they are gone. My mom is such a help to me when she is here. I'm still trying to figure out how I am going to cook dinner with six 5 and under!! YIKES!

We finally have our hearing for Mr. Blue Eyes and Baby B the first part of April. What I have heard is both parents have signed relinquishment forms. The rest of our journey should be quick and easy. Hoping for 3 adoptions the end of summer:):):) I couldn't be more ready to be DONE with this!! Its been way to long...

That's about all on my side of the world. Life goes on...getting schedules down and kids settled in. Its hard now, but in 3 months we will be shocked how smoothly life runs and how far kids have come. Love is all it takes!

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