Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oh the month of February~

Where to begin? I know, I know...its been forever since I've posted. Its been one of those months. Busy  Busy Busy!!! Nothing to major, just living life.

My biggest working this month has been our new Foster/Adoptive Support Group...HOPE!  I have met so many new people and am so excited on moving forward. We have partnered with a facility here in town and as our President of the Association said..."the sky's the limit"  I am loving being able to give our new and old foster parents the resources and support they need to take care of the kids in our community. 
We had a meeting last night and a special speaker. She has been in this field for over 30 years and she gave us a small presentation on RAD. RAD is Reactive Attachment disorder. You find this in many of our kids because of being moved so much along with the abuse and neglect. I got very emotional during the presentation because our very first placement was RAD and we didn't know what to do. Joel and I never had the RAD training to know how to deal with the signs and symptoms of it. My heart goes out to him today and I miss him terribly. I plan to get EVERY foster parent a copy of the RAD presentation. It will help!!!

Our group has alot of activities going on in the next couple of months and I am excited to build new and long-lasting friendships. 

Well winter came late this year. January and February have been jammed pack with snow and ice!! We have beat record after record of snow fall. But alas, they never cancelled school for us. We trudged on, but not without a snide comment here and there :) -38 and falling snow doesn't make you wanna get out of bed and take your kids to school. Thank goodness for a Keurig and Starbucks Carmel K-cups!!!

We had a really good long weekend with Kayci. She is such a wonderful addition to our house. We worked on the girls room while she was here. They got bunk beds for more room and expanded their closet. I don't remember having so many clothes and shoes as a young girl...WOW!!

 We surprised the kids with a lunch to Olive Garden and then took them to all pick something from Build a Bear. I'm just amazed at my kids when we are out in public. I love their behavior and attitudes! 

Saying goodbye to Kayci was sad for everyone. Now that Lexi is getting older, she is not understanding why Kayci can't live with her. Kayci doesn't help explaining it either since she spends the whole time here begging and crying to live here. Joel and I look like the bad guy in both their eyes. Of course we want Kayci to live here, but we are the ones to say no, its not that way. They don't get it...actually, I don't get it either!! 

My two favorite holiday's are 4th of July and VALENTINES DAY!!! Now before you think I'm one of those selfish wives who expects their husbands to do and get them everything on this one day...think again! Joel and I don't celebrate V-day for us, but for our kids. As husband and wife, I don't need one day out of the year to celebrate our love for each other. Instead we take the opportunity to show our kids how special they are to us. Its actually less demanding and quite fun!:) 

Baby B has had a rough couple of weeks. She is VERY behind with her teeth coming in. I actually had them take x-rays the last time we were at the dentist just to make sure she had teeth. FINALLY the last 4 teeth are coming in...2 months before her 3rd birthday:/ Loooong nights, lots of Tylenol and snuggles. 

That's pretty much our major news...just been a nice steady month of February. We are excited for spring and being able to play OUTSIDE! Kids and Mommy are going a little crazy:)
My little Reader


Movie time!

Build your own pizza Friday:)
Oh, my baby is growing up!!

I do hope to post more in March!:) Fingers crossed!!! Happy 1st day of Spring month!!!

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