Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Life is Precious~

Oh the song my mom use to sing to me and zach growing up..."This is the day, this is the day that the Lord hath made. We will rejoice and be glad in it." 

I find myself singing that and then God breaks my heart. I thank Him through my tears for my blessings and for my struggles. I think about the song, "I will praise you in the storm." Its all so much easier said then done. 

This weekend, we grieve the life of Kayci's step dad. As Kayci lived with her mom he provided for her and loved her. Kayci loved him and knew him as Jeffdaddy. Our precious little girl watched someone she loved take his last breath. My heart hurts for this 8 year old little girl, for her 3 year old brother,2 year old sister and for her mom. No, a split family relationship isn't always perfect...but we grieve and hurt for the loss of their father. He was doing what he loved to do...fishing with his kids. I'm so grateful he was a christian. Kayci and her mom will get to see Jeffdaddy again. Thank you God for that promise of eternal security. Many of you who read my blog remember and had a friendship with Jami. There is a Family Fund set up to help her with all the costs. If you cannot give a financial support, please support her and her children with prayers of peace. 

Jeff and Jami Hieb Family Fund

Kayci and Jeff Daddy 

We got our family pictures back. I can't show them all to you, but I will post what I can. Please check out Emarie Photography!!! 

Kayci J










Lexis Lou






Thanks Elise!!!

I will have to post about the kids Easter and updates on where we are with all of them later. Nap time is over and I am being called...Oh the joys of being a full time mommy!! Wouldn't change it for the world!:)

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