Thursday, April 10, 2014

National Sibling Day~

What's better than life except having someone special to share it with? Siblings!!! 

I was adopted as an infant and my brother was adopted when I was just 4 years old. Really, every memory of my childhood has him in it. Oh the trouble we got into, the fights we had and the stories we can tell.  I loved him through it all.

Like the time in life when he was paranoid of "things" being in his closet. He didn't like the dark and had to have his closet closed and his door wide open. Crazy that he now has one of the scariest jobs...

Anyways, one night before he got into bed...I hid in his closet. After about 5-10 minutes in his bed, I started wiggling the doorknob. Zack sat straight up in bed, fear all over his face. We had the old fashioned door knobs, so I had a pretty good view through the keyhole. I wiggled it again...and again. 

Zack didn't move, just stared with huge eyes towards the closet. I wiggled it one more time...

This time he let out a faint whisper...Daaaad. Daaaad! 

I knocked on the door...DAAAAAAD!!!!! And he was gone... 

Hahahhaa, I thought!! I totally got him.  He brought my dad in saying something was in his closet. Dad reassured him nothing was in his closet. Dad would show him. He opened the door and out I came BOO!!!! 

Two things happened that day. 
1) Zack realized I was BOSS!! 
2) My dad almost punched me. 

So totally worth it. 

Another fun story with Zack...My mom read to us almost every night. At one point we were reading through the biography of Amy Carmichael. She was a missionary to India. One of the things she did to blend in with the people  was dye her skin with coffee. 

Great Idea!! When Zack and I were "replaying" the story outside, I decided to dye our skin with car oil from Grandpa's stash.  Of course I got into big trouble until my mom realized why Zack and I were covered in oil. 

Of course there are sooooo many more stories. 
Pushing him off the top bunk and breaking his nose.
Trying to quiet him down with teething tablets, sending him to the ER.
And going on bike rides, finding the best hiding place in town. 

The memories of out older years are awesome too.
His love for my girls.
Rock band.
The moment he told me he had enlisted into the Army.
The day he married his best friend in my backyard. 

I love you my brother!!! Happy National Siblings day!!!

So proud of you Pooky!!

The sweetest things I have seen so far in life is the bond between my daughters. Sweet, Sweet Sisters!! 

The love was at first sight and the bond has grown to an amazing friendship. Sure they can annoy each other, but what relationship doesn't have its obstacles. 

We are working on getting Lexi into her own bed, in her own room. (I know, slap me on the hand) She told me last night she didn't want to be alone. I told her, you aren't. Everyone is in the same house all sound asleep. Tears formed in her eyes...but Mom, Kayci is not in our house. She makes me feel safe. 

Broke my heart! 

I love my girls and watching them grow together makes this life all worth it!! I pray they always have a close bond and many crazy stories to tell when they get older:)

By next National Sibling Day, we will have added 3 new siblings into the Hausmann family!!! We are so blessed in life!!!

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