Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Best Mother's Day~

I know....I know!! Almost a month!!! Even my husband said the other day, "ummmmm, are you going to blog anytime soon?" Awwww, he reads my blog. 

Its been a looooong emotional month. And not always bad emotions. It was Mother's Day a couple weeks ago and I was so blessed to be able to fly to California to surprise my mom. I only took Lexi with me and we had a blast. Of course I was SOOOO ready to come home to my munchkins, but it was an amazing memory making time for me, Lex and Omama. This was Omama's last mother's day in the states as they will be leaving for Ireland in September. *sigh* *tears* #idontwannatalkaboutit

This was Lexi's first airplane flight. I really thought she would be more excited to watch out the window and really embrace it. Mmmmm, not so much. She was most interested in the tray table and why she couldn't have it down during take off and landings. 
We were very concerned about this

We went to Oceanside Beach and Harbor during our visit. We were sooo close to the beach, I had to show Lexi....since according to her "water is her life!" She is fearless in the water. She took a boogie board, said she was going surfin' and that's just what she did. The only girl on the beach surfin' with a pink bow:)

Addy and Lexi with their Mermaids

Lexi kept ashing to see Flamingos...I didn't exactly know what to tell her. You aren't really going to see Flamingo's in California. Well, my Aunt overheard the conversation and said "I know where some Flamingos are." If you ask Lexi today what her favorite part of the trip was, she would say the Flamingos SO SO COOL!

We went to the Living Desert, which is kinda like a zoo. What amazing things Lexi got to see and do there. And so much fun to go with Omama. 


Hump Day!

Touching Earl the Lizard

Feeding a Giraffe


Brushing a goat

I am so thankful to Joel and friend Elise for taking great care of my kiddos while I was gone. Such an amazing time in my life. 

Jumping Sketchers (thanks nicktv commercials)

A girls dream store!

Palm Trees


She did great!


Movement in Si and B's case is still going no where. They don't even have all the paperwork together yet. Seriously, they have been with me for 2 years...this just can't be DONE? I'm not even sure if it will be this year! :(:( Ali's on the other hand should be done before the school year starts. 

I should be losing my Jo's today. Smiley and Surfer's dad is here for court today to get them. I'm really hoping that it works out for him. They belong home with their loving father, not in foster care. Definitely praying for that today. 

School is almost out and we are anticipating Kayci getting here. We have so many fun activities planned and I'm ready to do a family! Swimming, Art class, Camping, Vacations ETC....summer filled with fun:)

Well my household is sick right now...some weird cold junk. Kids have coughs and runny noises, Joel and I have horrible sore throats and Baby Jo has a horrible rash on her whole body. Its not been a fun week. Going to suck up my sleepiness and Lysol the house today! We WILL be better:) 

Thanks for stopping by today, I PROMISE it won't be as long for my next post. Life is crazy with 6, 5 and under! Hoping that changes for me today:)

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