Thursday, September 11, 2014

Where Have I Been?~

The kids watch this movie called "The Croods" Every time they encounter a fall, or accident or change in environment they shout "Still alive!!" 

That's how I feel at the end of every week. "Still Alive."
Sounds funny, but with all seriousness...I'm still here:)

I'm trying to filter through my summer to decide what to blog about. So much has happened in such a short amount of time, I don't feel like I can cover all of it. But I will touch on the highlights:)

We added an animal to our family. He is a boxer and the best dog ever! Very protective and great with the kids. 


Smiley Jo and Surfer Jo went home to their dad. It was definitely bitter/sweet for our family. We are so happy they don't have to spend years in foster care, but so sad to have them leave our home. 3 months isn't a long time, but its enough time to bond and love. Especially for my dear sweet Lexis, who still wakes up in the middle night missing "goobs." It was the first time Kayci has ever been here through a transition of kids and it was hard on her. She had really taken a liking to Smiley Jo. 

Only a couple days after they left, we got a call for little boy.  "Junior" (since he has the name of someone else in the home) is now 15 months.  What a ball of cuddly cuteness!!! Such a sweet, occasionally whiny, little boy. He is just starting to get the concept of walking down:) I believe we will have him for quite some time. Neither parent is really working a plan and family is scarce for him. We will be welcoming his baby brother sometime in November too:) Yes, I'm a gluten for punishment:) We have always had baby girls, so we are pretty excited for a baby boy.  


It's official. As of August 27, I am the proud mother of a 15 year old:) Here she is ladies and gentleman....Ali Sage Hausmann!!!

We are so excited to make her apart of our family. What a joy it has been to see Ali grow and become happy this past year. We are so blessed God has made it possible for her to attend Billings Christian High School this year. Already we have seen a change in desire to serve God. I believe Jesus is becoming real to her. She has made some wonderful friends and is developing strong, healthy relationships. She is also playing volleyball. What memories it has brought back for me being in a gym again. Although I would never want to go back to high school, playing sports was a fun pastime for me. Ali is loving her classes, playing sports, going to youth group and has a little boy crush...having a teenager is so much fun!!!:)

Kayci is all moved in and at her new school with her mom. We are happy she is closer and excited to spend the holidays with her. She was such a little light in our home this summer. Swimming lessons, skateboarding, tea parties, crafts and much more:) Her and Lexi bonded quite a bit more this summer. With Lexi being older and easy to "play" with, the girls had ALOT of fun. I anticipate this being our last easy going summer. Kayci turned 9 this year and has already voiced her want to attend different summer camps. I will miss the time we get to spend with her, but childhood memories are in the making here!!! 

Si and Baby B are still waiting for the last name Hausmann. Si was confused and somewhat upset that he did not get to have that day like Ali. I told him his time was coming, even tho it doesn't matter what his last name is...I still love him the same. He has been full of questions...wondering when and how he came out of my tummy, why i don't have baby pictures of him and why kayci doesn't remember him as a baby. I do try to explain it the best I can, but from a 4 year old perspective, its hard. Brook doesn't have a care in the world. We have always been and always will be her family. She knows no different and really is just carefree. I call her my day dreamer because thats all she does. When she does talk, its something crazy and imaginative. We have started Si in soccer this year. He's not a huge fan of activity but we are wanting him to try something new. He would rather be home building his train track, but helping him be social is more important. Brook is starting her 2nd year in gymnastics. She may make something out of these classes. She is very good and I see her being a cheerleader some day:)

Lexi Lou Who!!! The craziest spittin image of me!!! I'm getting all I deserve with this one, let me tell you! WHEW!!! We started homeschool this year for her kindergarten. Its going well, she needs lots of breaks and quick transitions. So glad we decided to homeschool, cause she is GO GO GO! No teacher would ever be able to keep up with her. I'm loving having her home with me and even though she misses "real" school, she will learn to love this as well. She is my little mommy and such a big helper. The things that come out of her mouth either make me 100%proud or 100% embarrassed. Its the  5 year old in her...I hope!! Lexi is doing gymnastics, piano and hip-hop this year. Busy Busy Busy and she still never slows down....pray for me!!

Then there's my beautiful Neener!!! She came to us in March and has been a ball of fire since day one. My love for her has grown stronger everyday as I raised her and taught her, looking forward to the day she would go home to her mother...that day being very very soon. I told her mom, You are one in a million. Wonderful visits, sober, asking me for direction for Neener, buying clothes, toys, texting me to see if she needed anything. AMAZING MAMA! Yes, foster care can and should form bonds. If it doesn't, you aren't doing it right. Yes, my heart is sad to ever think of a child leaving...but knowing they will go home to a safe, loving family who fixed their life to get them back. That's hugely rewarding to be apart of. Sadly, this case will not end how I imagined. After all that wonderful, dedicated hard work...Neener's beautiful mother was murdered last Friday.  In the wrong place at the wrong time, my baby girl lost this amazing mommy to the dark horrors of this world. My world crushed around me the moment I found out. I had helped this mom, wept with this mom and loved this mom dearly!! She was doing everything and anything for her children and just like that...gone!!! I don't believe up until this point, I had ever experienced an aching heart.  I had never imagined raising this child past foster care and now I can't imagine not raising her. Her mother desired her to stay with us should she never be able to parent. Little did we know, this is how it would happen. We are devastated but I keep my head up for this little wonder. I pray God wraps His arms around us as we work to make her a permanent part of our family. 

Such loss in one week as my parents have taken their step of faith to Ireland. They have been gone for 4 days and my mind and heart longs for them to come home. They have lived with us on and off for the past 2 1/2 years and now they are gone. Lexi is having a very hard time with them leaving. She told me today, "If I don't think about omama, then I won't cry" Then she started crying, "I could never forget about Omama." We are happy for them, but sad we are so far apart. Very thankful for technology these days. 

So we are busy and joyous headed into the fall season. Pretty sure my blog is 1 year old now:) I will do better with keeping it up and making sure I have happy updates. We are blessed beyond measure and I'm thankful God allows us to see that clearly. I appreciate any prayers for our family and the families of our little ones. God is good...all the time:)

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