Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Forever Daddy's Little Girl~

I told my dad after I blogged about my mom that I would do one for him too. I didn't realize it would be so hard for me..

Memories of me and my dad flow through my mind. What a humbled, gracious, loving father I have. I had taken his praise, wisdom and love for granted...I know wish I had been more receptive to his "silly" stories. 

I love and miss you dad! So so much!!

Dad and Zach

You gave me a home, a love for Jesus and a happy childhood, and then something bigger happened...

Kayci (2) and Papa

Lexi w/papa (only a couple weeks)

And we can't forget our dancing with Papa:)

Dancing with Girls

Dancing with Kayci

And his love for singing to my babies:)

Papa Singing

The Best thing about papa is how much he loved and loves every single child that comes into my home! He is a universal papa!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

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