Saturday, October 4, 2014

It's Fall~

Oh fall, how I love you!!! Just the right temperature. Not cold enough to turn on the heat and not hot enough to run the air. I like Autumn, its beautiful. 

I'm sitting here on this beautiful Saturday afternoon, drinking a cup of pumpkin spice coffee and reminising of moments like these. Moments where I'm really, truly happy. I love my husband, kids are behaving well and happy, school is going well, bank account looks good, friends are in the right place and the future looks bright. Sure, moments like these don't last long...but it feels pretty good right now. Just sweet little blessings from God. 

Ali is loving her new school. It does a parents heart good to see their child happy. Especially a child that has gone through so much turmoil in their past. She really has overcome the world and makes everyday count. She is my inspiration. Always has a smile on her face and rarely looks at the negatives in life. She was the perfect match for being my daughter. Its definitely fun to have a teenager...most of the time;) They other day she told me, "My mindset has totally changed. Like, every conversation I have...I can turn it to God. I'm always bringing what I talk about back around to God." We are so thankful for Christian Schooling in our community!!

Kayci is doing well in her new school. We got to meet with her teacher and Kayci gave us a tour around the school. We spent a weekend with her, and even though they were filled with Volleyball games, the time with her is so precious. We miss her so much when she is gone. There is apart of our family that is missing. We are looking forward to spending the holidays with her and making fun, long-lasting memories. 

Well, I did the unthinkable...the unimaginable!!! I enrolled Lexi into public school. Yep! So I'm the not the super mom I thought I could be. The five almost six youngest in our home right now are stepping stones. 5,4,3,2,1 and baby soon to come. We weren't even close to completing the amount of schooling that she needed to get done.  Between kids, dinner, volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, dance and keeping up with life in general...there was no time for school. And she is SO READY for school. Her boredom and need to learning was causing alot more trouble that needed. So....we took her to school. Such a sad couple days for this mama. She's my baby!!! We are now about to head in to week 3 and its been the BEST....THING....EVER!!! She is so happy. Lexi just loves learning and interaction with other. She is so happy with her teacher and the experience she gets everyday. She has already picked up where every other student is and excelling with knowledge. I'm so proud of that little girl. She will be something great someday!!

Silas and Brooklynn are so close to being legally ours. National Adoption Day is coming in November and that is the date everyone is pushing towards. Its been 2 1/2 years now and I'm anxious to make this final. Silas really understood what was happening at Ali's adoption and he is eager to do the same thing. Because we had a HUGE daycare close in our town, they had to switch preschools. The new one they are at will pick them up and drop them off at the house. Its more preschool, less daycare which I am very excited about. I think
Silas will do great in kindergarten. His method of learning is so different but very smart!! We are working with Brook to put some fat on her. She is only in the 4% on charts for weight. She grows taller not fatter. (oh how I wish that was how it worked for me) We have upped her calories in different ways and hope it will put some weight on her. She is such a little peanut in every way. She only wears 1 shoe size above our 16 month old. I think he will pass her soon...haha! 

We have a VERY big, important meeting for our little Mexican Jumping bean this month. It will really dig deep and pave the path for her future. I'll be honest, I'm scared. She has taken up such a permanent place in my heart and I don't think she will get to stay. I learned about the "differences" in color when I was in school, but I never dealt with it in this way. Just because we are white and she is not shouldn't define her life...our life...this family. She is loved most of all right here, right in this home. This daddy and mommy couldn't cherish or love her more. And I'm blown away that rights and color blocks people from seeing her happiness. I'm praying to God that He can intervene on her behalf and everything works out for her best interest. In the meantime... we love her, guide her, laugh with her, hug and kiss her, teach her about Jesus and make her feel safe. To us, color doesn't define our does. 

Junior is growing up right in front of us. Right now there is no sleeping and lots of cuddling. The doctor said his molars and eye teeth are coming in at the same time. He hates life and I don't blame him. I love every child that comes into my home, but there is something about time. The more he is with me, the more that love grows. The bond gets stronger and the thought of losing him gets sadder. I put my whole life into raising these kids and my heart breaks to think about them leaving. I know he isn't going anywhere anytime soon...but foster care proves itself to have its sad moments.  He is doing fantastic though. He is finally starting to walk, talk and understand simple commands. He is a love and becoming happier everyday. 

We are expecting junior's sister very soon. The due date is about 6 weeks away, but alot of times mothers will go early because of their lifestyle. I am planning on an October baby, just when is the question. I'm hoping and praying with everything she will be healthy and happy. 

Our family is growing and we are more happy than ever before. Joel and I are excited for Christmas and spending each moment with our children. God has blessed us beyond what we ever imagined and we are thankful. 

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