Thursday, October 9, 2014

MIssing my mother~

Here I thought the kids were going to spend a lifetime being sad over not having their grandmother close...and I'm the one emotional and missing her more. 

I miss my mom. I know I wasn't I'm not an easy child but I understand now the true love of a mother. Not just the love of biological mother, but of a step mother and an adoptive mother. The feeling truly is priceless!!

As the holidays approach, I'm missing more and more the connection between my mom and I. It makes it oh so much harder when I can't "talk" to her. 

I know many of my reader's mothers have passed away and think I should have no reason to be sad...To me, as a tangible person, its hard to know shes out there...I just can't have her. 

I pray their ministry blossoms and they are blessed beyond measure for their sacrifice. Please check out their ministry page to keep updated on their journey. Support them, pray for them, message them...they are wonderful servants of God and I'm proud to call them mom and dad. 

A Heart For Ireland~Facebook Page

IT'S Thursday...time for some throwback pictures. Some are obviously more recent and we must thank eMarie photography for that! 


The early years with Kayci and Omama

Mother's Day 2009

4th of July 2009

Omama always made things better:)

Always happy with Omama

Fun Times

Omama's lessons in the kitchen (i have so many pictures of this, I had to just pick)

Our Mother

My mom always has a smile on her face

Memories forever!!!

Miss you mom!!!

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