Sunday, November 2, 2014

No Snow October~

Oh my word its NOVEMBER!!! It hasn't even snowed yet...WOW!! 

I have been raised in Montana and I do NOT remember it ever being this warm in October and November. 

Kids are still loving playing outside and wearing hoodies instead of coats....I kinda like it too:)

We are well into the school year and things are scheduled out very well. Ali is still enjoying BCS. Classes are so much harder then they were in public school, but she says she wouldn't go back for anything. The environment is so much sweeter and the friendships so much better:) We did have to chuckle at this picture since jumping right into Abeka curriculum in 10th grade has been very difficult. 

We got to spend a couple fun days with Miss Kayci J. We carved pumpkins and went to the reef. We try to fit in all our family stuff when she is here so she doesn't miss out on our Family Fun activities. She will be here for Adoption day and Thanksgiving!!:)

 Lexi is LOVING going to school everyday. I'm so glad we decided to put her into school as she is learning leaps and bounds. This last week was spirit week. The kids were asked to dress up everyday. 

1st day was Red, White and Blue-

2nd day was Western-

3rd day was Pink-

4th was Sunglasses-

5th day was Halloween-

This was right up Lexi's alley since she is all about spirit and dressing up!! She also dressed up as Elsa for dance class and a Greek Goddess for Halloween. 

Lexi is still very much missing Omama and papa. We still sleep with Sprinkles (omama's bear) and cry often to go see them. After seeing pictures of Omama's new house, the kids don't quite understand why we can't visit them. We are hoping and praying to be able to visit in June. I found some very good tickets, but taking 5 children and 2 adults on an international flight is very expensive. God will plan it out for us and I can't wait to expireience that with my kiddos. 

Well the day is FINALLY and quickly approaching. Silas and Brooklynn will be Hausmann's on November 15!!! What a couple years of up and down rollarcoasters. I'm so happy for the day this burdan is lifted. Just knowing they are a permanent addition to our fmaily is peacefull. I know they don't understand now, but this day will be so special in the years to come. Both kids will be starting a new special preschool tomorrow and will be gone 4 morning a week. I'm so excited for them as they love a routine and love to learn. 

Our Neener will most likely be transitioning soon to her permanent home. My heart is sad to see her go, but I'm so happy she will have a forever home. I'm so proud of all she has come thruough and the huge strides she has made in the last 8 months. She will forever be in my mind and I'm at peace that she will be with family. God loves her so and I believe He has done the best for her. 

Our Junior is growing SOOOO much. He is walking/running all over the place and tried to keep up with all the "big" kids. He loves to dance and climb the stairs over and over again. He is ALLL boy, yet still likes his snuggles:) I'm surprised we made it to November without meeting his baby sister. She is still "cooking" and we are excited to meet her any moment. 

WE HAVE A NEW ADDITION!! Of course he isn't home yet, so Joel hasn't nicknamed him...but he is the sweetest little trooper!! He is almost 2 weeks old and should be able to come home from the hospital this week. I've been going to see him 2-3 times a day, feeding and bonding with him. He knows me know and smiles so big when I pick him up. I'm in love!!:) This will be a short term placement as there is family actively working to get him. I'm so glad he won't have to live his life in foster care, and I'm even happier that I get to be apart of that transition. Can't wait to bring him home!!!

And yes, I am crazy! 2 newborns....but its worth every late night feeding:) God has blessed us with amazing kiddos! I'm so prepared and organized, everything will run smoothly (fingers crossed). 
Lexi thinks the babies should be Santa and an Elf;)

My baby formula Keurig. It makes me bottles on demand!!

Our Set up for now...Its perfect:)

We will have a busy couple of months with the Holidays and school activities. Life is perfect and God is so good to our home and family. We are so excited to see what He has in store for us as we continue with crazy, amazing life:)

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