Sunday, December 14, 2014

12 days of Christmas~

So I got this crazy wild hair a couple weeks ago. I was quickly bogged down by the time and effort it would take. With 11 kiddos at the time, I knew I couldn't pull it off. 

But then everything changed...

Life has been sweet and somewhat simple.
Kids are behaving amazingly and I definitely wanted to reward them with something special. 

Now I know the song counts up, but we are counting down to Christmas.

Yesterday was Only 12 days 'till Christmas. 

~Only 12 days 'till Christmas, Are you ready for some fun?
Twelve days of hunting until the Christmas Sun.

~You must all work together, leaving no one behind.

~You will have to use your mind...
But you never know what you all may find!

~12 Drummers drumming ca only mean one thing.
Where in the house do you go when you want to sing?

(They guessed shower and found their next hint)

~You found your next hint but don't leave to soon,
Stay awhile and sing the Jingle Bells tune.

~That was beautiful, I really enjoyed the bass,
I'm getting kinda hungry, take us where you stuff your face.

(On the table they found a 12 pack of Tacos for dinner)

~You ate all your food and thought you were done,
There is just one more bit of fun. 

~The 12 drummers drumming has to have sticks
I wonder what kinda of drumstick would require some licks?

(They found Ice Cream drumsticks in the freezer)

~Only 11 days 'till Christmas
Oh what shall we do?
I have a special challenge,
Just wait for your que!

~Eleven Pipers piping, Oh what shall it be?
Let's dress up all nicely and have a spot of tea. 

(At this point, they all dress up super nice and got at the table. I had prepared a menu for them from "Haus-Mom's Tea Cafe". They watched a video of how to drink High Tea and the ordered their food. I waited on them and we had so much fun.)

~We've had a little lesson on drinking the right way,
I'm getting kinda board, let's go out and play. 

~Get all bundled up so you don't get in trouble,
Let's venture out and find some bubbles. 

(They searched outside until they found a bubble wand for each person)

~Stay outside and take a look around the yard,
Keep your eyes wide open...this one is kinda hard.

(They had to find the next clue in the backyard)

~11 Pipers Piping probably had a little bounce,
make up a dance and frolic around the house.

(It was cute)

Ha ha ha, that was super cute,
Now take a look around for your piping flute.

(They had to find all the flutes)

~Toot, Toot, Toot goes your new flute,
Just remember one think while in the house, those flutes will be on mute. 

~I hope you are having lots of fun,
Only 10 days after tomorrows morning sun:)


I am just having a blast coming up with all these fun activities for them:)
I'm pretty sure they are having fun too;)

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