Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chistmas gone by~

My Christmas times have always held such happiness for me! I love my Christmas memories as a child, but they intensified even more when i became a parent! Its...soo....much....FUN!!!!

First Christmas Married to Joel with Kayci 2007

Rock band was our Big Christmas present that year:)

Christmas 2008, I was great with Child and excited to meet our Lexis Jade in a couple months. 

This was also the year Kayci got Frosty. He has remained her favorite stuffed animal even in the summer months. He has a special spot on her bed and is in MANY Christmas pictures through-out the years. 

2009 Was Lexi's first Christmas

2010....Still only two kiddos. Nice and quiet...just a little more sass!

Told ya...Frosty!

2011 we had one foster baby and it was the first year we celebrated with Zack's fiance:)

From here on out is a bluuuuuurrr!!! 2012 we had 6!!! it was a massive Christmas and one to be remembered for sure! Our First Christmas with Silas and Brooklynn!

2013 was our first Christmas with Ali:) We had 8 this year!!! 

Christmas was exhausting!

and 2014!!! We are so excited for tomorrow! We have 8 again...Kayci will be here in a couple days:)

Kayci got to go to Disneyland with her mom for christmas:)

Hope all of you have a Merry Christmas!!!!

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