Monday, December 8, 2014

~Hausmann party of....

I'm still very busy, but a good busy...not a crazy busy.

Junior and his baby sister left on Wednesday and Our Mexican jumping bean left Thursday. I'm still very touchy and emotional when it comes to talking about them, thinking about them or seeing them. 

We were able to spend a little time with Junior and his sister at the Foster/Adoptive Christmas party. I'll admit, many times tears were hard to keep back. He knew me and laid his head on my should many many times. I miss him, he was my little man. I was his mommy and he was my baby for so long. My heart hurts for him, yet I am at peace. 

My Mexican jumping bean is struggling. This mama inside me is torn with if I did the right thing or not. She is acting out terribly and my fervent prayer for her is peace in her new home. I'm sure she is scared and confused...wondering where her life went. Does she think we don't love her? Does she think we abandoned her? Does she wonder at all? My heart hurts for her, yet I am at peace. 

We had an amazing weekend, bonding and learning our new kiddos. When we got in the car Friday night to go have some fun, I mentioned to everyone that I wasn't bringing a diaper bag for the first time in 3 years. They cheered and clapped and I know they are just loving this free and closer life. We were able to go out to eat (something we don't do often because its hard with littles), and then attended the Missoula Children's Theater play "Blackbeard Pirate". The kids loooooved it, except Ali...she tolerated it;) We went and looked at Christmas lights and car danced to loud music. It was! We are living again, enjoying again and our kids are happy happy happy. 

Christmas is definitely a hustle and bustle right now.  Christmas presents care get very expensive for 8 kiddos. This year we are doing:

*Something you want
*Something you need
*Something to wear
*Something to read

Also each child drew another child's name and they have $10 or less to spend on them. 
Then the kids get their traditional Christmas Eve Pjs and pretty hefty stockings:)

All our foster kiddos get angel tree presents and of course Grandma, Omama and Papa send gifts for all.

So we have 8ish bouncy children anticipated and counting down the days. 

My excitement is of course the giving of presents but even more this year being able to teach 3 new kids about the true meaning of blessed!!

I got word today that I am indeed the new volley ball coach for Billings Christian School's 5th and 6th grade girls:) I'm so thankful and excited that I have this privilege. We don't start until January, but I'm already planning and studying up on proper rules and plays!!! Coach Hausmann woot woot!!

That about sums up all our new news! God is amazing and His peace runs in our lives. We are grateful and thankful for this time in life. 

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