Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy 2015~

Ok, seriously!! Sometimes I look at the calendar and realize OH MY WORD....its January 9th 2015!!! Where has time gone? My days are full and busy and happy!! I so meant to write another blog post before today, but spending time with these kids is...well, time flies when you're having fun. 

Christmas was amazing!! Christmas break...even better. I was sad to see them go back to school on Monday and I cannot wait for summer. I'm sorry, I'm one of those parents that loves spending time with these crazy goofs. We have played bored games, dance video games, hide and go seek in the dark (which I win by the way, because who knows this house the best?...the lady who cleans it), we have been sledding, movie watching and craft making:) I keep forgetting to take pictures...I am just back into the prime of my life. Joel and I are just having fun with our kids and investing into the lives of the three we have right now. 

I did a couple of projects this break. Kayci and Ali's room has just been overrun with their STUFF! Ali works on her paintings and Kayci her music (kayci got her very own keyboard for Christmas) I have the two girls with the most stuff in a room together and it was
C-L-U-T-T-E-R-E-D!!!! So I built kayci a bed...yep a bed!!! Ali and I did it in an afternoon and I'll admit...I'm pretty proud of myself:) They now have room for all their stuff, more shelving and Kayci has a reading nook under her bed:)

I also HAD to do something about the entry way. 8 kids + Winter= 16 boots, 8 coats, 16 gloves, 8 hats etc...the list goes on and on! Our little entry way was 
OUT OF CONTROL!!! So we have this huge unused hallway downstairs so I made it our "mud room". We brightened it up and made it accessible for all outer wear and school material:) I plan on building some benches on the other side and some shelves above the hooks. Its really been great!!

School was back in motion this week, but the snow still crazy dangerous. We have received over 18 inches of snow and as of last night our city was declared a state of emergency. Kayci is still here because the roads have been closed and it is way to dangerous to drive. 

We are taking a snow day today. Kids are still in Pjs and all 4 tvs are running different things...Xbox, cartoons, little kids shows and of course big girl shows. We will probably go out in the snow soon:)

The big kids and us adults are in a challenge together. The little kids are apart of it but not in the way us older ones are. We are challenging each other to eat healthy and be active. We are starting to take the kids to the YMCA here in town and plan on getting in shape before summer. Us, along with our 4 oldest have had some unhealthy lifestyles and we are changing that. We started Monday with our food journals and the kids have done AMAZING!! We will weigh in on Saturday mornings since that is their "cheat" day:) The little kids get a sticker when they eat what mommy puts in front of them...sometimes that is really scary to try. Other than a couple that didn't like beans, everyone has eaten well. 

The three kiddos we have are still gonna be here awhile. They are still settling in, but have made some wonderful attachments to our home and hearts. Joel and I really really love these kids! God is amazing when he places kids in our home, matching them perfectly to our personalities and the personalities of our kids. They just don't argue or fight or get feelings hurt...everyone likes each other. That's hard to do even with 8 biological kids. Its very peaceful in the house right now...but I'm kinda itching to add a few more. Its getting "boring" for me during the day when all the kids are at school. I can't just sit and read a book...I need to be moving, hmmm wonder where Lexi gets it:) 

I'm missing my mother terribly. We have been battling a couple of hardships (cause life isn't all roses). Joel and I are believing God in many things, but during these times I just miss my mother!! She is the one person that lets me talk and talk and talk and be silly and crazy and still supports me. Talking on the phone, face timing, emailing...its not the same. I miss her!! Her presence, her help, her good ideas, her reading to the kids, her crying over biggest loser. God is blessing them so much in Ireland, but I can't wait to see her again. Love you mom!!

Here's whats on my mind...I'm almost 30! 2 years and 22 days away from 30! I don't even consider myself that mature yet. I feel like I have accomplished a lot for my age and still want to do more...but to mentally consider myself 30, just seems...weird! 

Thanks for stopping by today! I love sharing our amazing realistic life with all of you! Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully it won't take me so long to post again:)

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