Saturday, April 18, 2015


Lexis and I were driving down one of our main streets yesterday and she pointed out her window asking "What are those mommy?"

"Sprinklers?" I questioned.

"No, those stones!"

"Ohhhh those are headstones for graves honey."

"For what??" 

(It takes a right moment in a child's life to explain a cemetery)

"Well Lex, that is where dead people are buried." I mean really, what else do you say.

Lexi asked "Old people mom?"

"Old and young Lexi. You don't always die when you are old. Sometimes kids die too. Like if they are sick or playing in the street, or if God just feels it's their time to come live with Him" 

"Some people when they are bad, they go...down to somewhere. Right mom?"

(It takes a right moment in a child's life to explain not only Heaven, but Hell as well)

I looked over at my daughter, with a confused yet engaged look on her face. It was time!

"Lexi, you know that Jesus was born, died on the cross and rose again. He did that for all of our sins. God sent His only Son to die on the cross so we could be saved and live with Him in Heaven some day. Heaven is a beautiful place with mansions and streets of gold. It is a place where the children of God will live and sing praises to Jesus forever. When Jesus died on the cross He asked us to believe in Him, and to ask Him into our hearts and to trust Him. When people disobey what God asked of them and they do not believe in Him, they don't get to go to Heaven...instead they go to Hell when they die. That is their consequence for not believing in Christ."

Wide eyed Lexi asked "What is Hell mom?"

"Hell is a lake of fire, where you will never burn up but you will live eternity there."

*Gasp* "I don't want to go to Hell. I do believe in God I do!"

The conversation kinda ended there...with just bits and pieces more of chit chat. 

Later that night, Lexi was asked to sit on her bed and just rest. 

(That usually means she watches TV or colors or reads)

After I got all the other kiddos to bed, Lexi came out to snuggle. 

"Did you watch tv?' I asked


"Color? Read?"


"Well what did you do?"

"Mom! I prayed to God and asked that Jesus live in my heart. I asked Him to live in Heaven with Him and you and Omama. And He said YES, He would live in my heart forever. I asked Him to help me make good decisions too and to make right choices. I will not ever live in that pond of fire!!"

TEARS for Joel and I as we heard our little girl accept Jesus as her personal Saviour!!!

She followed it all up with letting us know she was going to tell her teacher about God, because she couldn't believe that Mrs. Well's hadn't taught the class about asking God to live in their hearts. She also can't wait to worship God in big church and was exited to sit her little sister on the edge of the bed this morning and make sure she understood that she too would need to ask Jesus into her heart someday. What a little Evangelist we have!! 

I'm so proud of her understand for Christ and am so excited to see what He has planned for her.
Thank you God for this special gift!! She is precious!!! 


  1. What precious news! There is nothing ever that beats having your own children come to know the Lord! God bless her and you as you continue to keep Christ before them!