Sunday, August 23, 2015

Time passes~

I think of it often, desire to be doing it and crave the moment I can sit down to post on my blog. I miss it and wish so much it was easier to keep up. 

It has been months and there is no way I can sum up the entire summer in one post. We have had a roller coaster of a summer, but not really in a bad way. Things have been and crazy, but wonderful. 

We bowed to the need of continuing foster care. I was so worried about my kids and their hearts, but when we really dug down deep, they were the ones who wanted to keep fostering. I will always want to foster and if that is God's first will for our family, I will never stop. 

At this moment we have 5 foster kiddos in our home. 

Bubba Bear is 6. He is a BIG boy, but very sweet and sensitive. He has spent his life caring for his younger siblings and has a hard time adhering to authority, since he is pretty much been his own boss. He will be starting 1st grade with Lexi in a few days. He started by calling me ma'am and is now calling me mom, which is super endearing coming from an older child. 

Drealicious is the SWEETEST, most well behaved foster child I have EVER EVER had. She is 5 years old and has had such a rough start to life. Coming from a different foster home with horrible, numerous allegations that she has just blown out of the water as untrue. She lights up our entire home, and has us laughing so hard at times. She is so silly and such a good fit for our laid back home. 

Iggy is 3 and is Bubba's sister. You know those painted china dolls? That's what her face looks like...its perfection. She came to us pretty sick. With MRSA and lice, its been an uphill battle, but i'm so glad she is here with us. She has the tiniest little voice and really loves to help and listen. Very happy to have her in my home. 

Of course we still have our baby Sweet Cheeks. I really can't stand how much I love her. I love all my kiddos, but there is this deep "i love you so much it hurts" feeling with her. She just had her 1st birthday and is on the verge of walking. She has started saying ma-ma and da-da and K-K, for Kayci. She pretty much loves Kayci the most out of all of us. When Kayci is here, she does her hair and nails. She carts her around everywhere she goes, and Sweet Cheeks gets quite offended if Kayci walks by without acknowledging her. I pray this little girl will always be apart of our lives. 

Then we have our little "Nae Nae". He is 9 months, but looks like he's 30. He has a big boy face with this tiny little body. He belongs with Bubba and Iggy. He is very behind and working on sitting up, and rolling over. I see big things for his future now that he is catching up. He is definitely the snuggle bug of the home right now and I will eat every minute of that up. 

Our kids grew a ton this summer, physically and emotionally. School will start next week and I can't believe how big they are. 

Ali will be a Junior this year! She is returning back to public school and is very excited about her class opportunities this year. She continues to pursue her desire to be an Architect and will be taking Design based classes this year. She is working towards her drivers licence so she can park her bike for good. She got a job at the Outback this summer and has worked most of the summer. She loves being a host and can't wait until she is old enough to serve. We are 3 days away from her 1 year anniversary of being a Hausmann. It really is like she has always been here:) I'm so happy to be her mom. 

Kayci will be a 4th grader. She hit double digits this summer by turning 10 years old. Wasn't she just this tiny little 2 year old calling me Pom Pom and teaching what it's like to be a mom? Now she is 10 and the sass has begun. She really has her dad's sarcasm and cracks up the entire family the majority of the day. She requested to move to our home this summer and that transition will be in progress possibly through-out the next couple of months. It is hard for all parties to make a change after things being a certain way for 8 years. She is such a happy, good girl that either way she will grow up to be amazing. I have had the opportunity to really connect with her mom over the summer and I am blessed to be growing that friendship. Not only for kayci, which is how it started out to be, but for us. For me it's becoming more than just for Kayci, it's an actual friendship. God is so good in our lives. 

Oh my Lexi Lou! I can't believe she is starting 1st grade. My baby, my mini me growing way to fast. She has begged me every day this summer to return to school, she loves it so much. She had herself convinced that she didn't have a brain over the summer and she must return to school to get her 1st grade brain. She has all her stuff set out and is practically counting the hours. Lexi's vocabulary has majorly grown over the summer, and the darnedest things come out of her mouth. I love her bubbly, spontaneous personality. She is truly liked by everyone and I feel we may have a class clown in motion...only time will tell. 

He has finally hit the time for Kindergarten. Silas has needed kindergarten since he was 3. His brain is on overload trying to figure out everything. He will be a little bored I think since he can already write, spell, read, count and memorize. He needs the Social interaction bad since he is the only brother with 4 sisters:) He is such a gentleman and I love how smart he is growing. He loved playing soccer this summer and will be playing flag football this fall. I can't believe just the other day he was walking into my home at 2 years old and now he is starting school. Time really does fly when you are having fun. 

Our little Brooklynn, this sweet pixie is going into full time preschool in a couple weeks. She is still the tiniest of the bunch and still working on putting fat on her bones, but she has really come into her personality. She is spunky and sassy, so don't you dare cross her the wrong way. My favorite thing about Brook is her intuition. She knows just the right time to come hug me or tell me she loves me. She adheres very much to people's emotional sense. I am so excited to see how she grows this year, being away from mommy and meeting new people. She also played soccer this summer and was eaten alive. I think gymnastics is definitely the place for her. 

Joel and I just celebrated 8 years of marriage. I can not believe we have been married that long. I love it. I love him. We are in an amazing time of our lives and enjoying every minute of it. God has been so good to us and our family. I couldn't ask for a better man, father and provider for our family. 

I will do the best I can to keep you updated through-out the school year. It will be much easier with 8 kids in some school like activity during the day. I just might have time to post daily...HAHAHHAA, ya right! 

Until the next time its quiet and I am alone...

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