About Me

Hey! I'm Shawna...Bio-mom, Foster-mom, Step-mom and Adopted-mom!
I was born in January of 1987 to a wonderfully unselfish mother. She understood my value in life and knew she wouldn't be able to give that to me at the time. I was adopted into my awesome family where I lived in Laurel, MT and grew up with my amazing little brother Zack. He is listed in the Army and I couldn't be more proud of him. 

 I went to Pensacola Christian College in Florida before moving back to billings and meeting the love of my life.

Joel and I were Married in August of 2007, with Joel bringing our first little love...Kayci Leilani~

Kayci was born and adopted in 2005
 Kayci brought us an unlimited amount of joy and excitement. 

Joel's doctors had told him for years that he would never be able to have children on his own, and with that we starting looking into adoption. But before we could even get through phase 1, God blessed us with an amazing surprise...LEXIS JADE!
Born in March of 2009, my life has been a whirlwind. Lexi's personality sparks high above any other child I know. What an amazing miracle God gave me with her. Just to have a little life that defined both Joel and I was a dream come true. After a couple years with Lexi, Joel and I decided if we didn't conceive again by her 2nd birthday, we would again look into adoption. 

By the time Lexi was 2, God had placed state adoption on our hearts instead of private. I really wasn't concerned about having a perfect baby from the hospital as I was about helping the children in my own town. In October of 2011, our foster/adoptive care license was complete and that is where this journey began. 
To date we have had 106 children in our home. To love and cherish and guide through life, God has given us these little blessings--sometimes for a couple hours, others for years. I thank Him everyday for this opportunity...to give back and invest in the lives of children. 

We have been able to adopt three beautiful children. 
Alexis was a 14 year old girl who had already been adopted once from the foster care system. When that home broke down for her, we were more than happy to pick up those pieces with her. Only one year later, we would be blessed to call her our Ali Sage Hausmann. 

Over two years these two little blondies were in our home under the title foster. We never knew when they walked into our home that they would stay forever. The craziest roller coaster ever brought me Silas Asher and Brooklynn Mckenna!

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  1. This is sooooo cool. So excited to follow you on your blog! God has given you such a unique perspective on marriage, parenting, living... I know many will be blessed! 1Peter 3:15 Love you!