My Little Loves~

Of course things change all the time for us, but let me introduce our little loves:

Ali Sage is sweet 16 and attending her very first year at Billings Christian School as a sophomore. She is finally a HAUSMANN and we couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments. Such a beautiful, smart and funny girl. I am enjoying having a teenager to raise and have inside jokes with:) Its also fun when people (who don't know we have adopted) find out I was 12 when she was born...never gets old. 

Kayci Leilani is my sweetheart! She is excited to finally be 9 and allowed to do more grown-up activities. I love being around her sweet spirit and freckled face. I have never met such an artistic, crafty little girl. Even though she lives with her mom, Kayci was the foundation of our family. She loves stating that she was first:) God will greatly use her as she is humble to any authority. 

What a sweet face my Lexis Jade has! I remember the day she was born, I couldn't believe God had blessed me with such a beautiful baby. I thank God for every moment with this child. She completes my life and teaches me that sharing truly is caring. I enjoy being this little girls mommy, as she will never cease to amaze me.

My boy, Silas Asher... A son is something I had dreamed of having and he fits my wish perfectly. You know the saying "he wouldn't hurt a fly"? That describes this boy...compassionate and loving. He loves to defend his sisters in any situation and is such a gentleman. His smiling eyes light up any room and his dry sense of humor never falls short. I'm so thankful for a son and for the opportunity to raise him. 

Brooklynn McKenna...what a character!!! What can I say about this little girl!? Such personality and spunk. What a joy it has been to see her grow from baby to lady. She is definitely my most mannered child. She has taken leaps and bounds since being in our lives and i'm so excited to see what God has in store for her life. She is so beautiful!!!

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